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With no quick finish to the recent federal government shutdown in sight, a Facebook write-up harking ago to a 2013 shutdown under chairman Barack Obama has actually been mutual over 71,000 times.

The Dec. 22 post from Trump-backer Kristy Greczkowski said, "Oct 2013, Obama shut down the federal government for 16 days to pressure Obamacare. A trusted reminder America. Secure our borders."

The article was flagged as part of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation ~ above its News Feed. (Read an ext about our partnership through Facebook.)

We thought we’d compare the two fiscal impasses.

A fast recap

In September 2013, two issues were in play, the Affordable treatment Act and also raising the debt ceiling –– the legitimate amount the government is permitted to borrow.

The Affordable treatment Act, passed in 2010, was due to begin in earnest in 2014. The individual mandate requiring human being to have actually insurance would certainly come into force. Coverage would begin for Americans who signed increase through federal government insurance marketplaces (although the meltdown of the commonwealth website was around to throw that step into chaos).

Republicans, generally in the House, aimed to defund Obamacare. No one of the 12 consistent appropriation bills to pay for federal government operations had been passed. A team of 80 home Republicans signed a letter to house Speaker man Boehner saying this was the time to eliminate any type of dollars the would allow Obamacare to move forward.

Before the shutdown, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., warned that a shutdown would certainly be a negative idea and also in any kind of event i will not ~ block many of Obamacare from relocating forward.

We rated that claim Mostly True. Most crucial parts of the legislation – the insurance allowance marketplace, the premium subsidies, and the taxes and also regulations – would proceed unimpeded.

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But if Obamacare to be one rallying cry, the blame ceiling turned the end to be just as important. The federal government was close up door in on the legal border of $16.699 trillion in debt. There is no the adaptability to lend more, Washington challenged the prospect of no being able come pay earlier Treasury notes together they come due. Republicans wanted broader spending cut in exchange for raising the blame limit.