Users on social media space sharing an old fake birth certificate claiming that belongs to previous president Barack Obama, feeding right into the false claims that he to be born in Kenya. This long-standing false claim has been circulating online since 2009.

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The claim recently resurfaced ~ Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted photo of the forgery ( ) on June 15. Various iterations that the case are visible here and also here .

False allegations about Barack Obama’s birthplace have actually been circulating because that years, advocated by human being who challenged his eligibility to be president ( right here , here ). As a result of the controversy, Obama publicly exit his Hawaiian birth certificate on two occasions: a shorter version in 2008 and also a more detailed one in 2011 .

The false certificate presented in the short articles started circulating in august 2009 and also has due to the fact that been debunked by multiple reality checkers (see Snopes here and also PolitiFact below ).

According come Snopes, the fake record was created based on a copy of the bear certificate the Australian David Jeffrey Bomford, authorize in southern Australia in 1959 ( below ). The faux Kenyan certificate indeed has actually a seal top top its bottom-left-hand edge reading “South Australia”.

According to PolitiFact, a blogger identified the original Bomford birth certificate as having been used in the fake spinoffs ~ finding it on a genealogy website.

Another visible error pointed out by society media users ( here and also here ) is that the fake certificate mistakenly states Kenya to be a republic in 1961 (date that the alleged registration and also Obama’s year that birth). Kenya acquired independence native Britain in 1963 and was claimed a republic in 1964 ( below , ).

The colour of the photo shared through Malik Obama resemble the hoax documents that deserve to be produced on the prank website Kenyan bear Certificate Generator ( below ). The site has actually been roughly since 2009 ( right here ).

Examples that “certificates” created via this site are visible here ( and ).

The website appears to use a copy the Bomford’s bear certificate as its template, as the folding lines and also certificate number are identical.

The fake Obama certificate has apparently to be edited to remove references to the generator, such together the notification reading “certified fake” on the yellow seal and also the brand “” in ~ the bottom.

It is not the very first time the Malik Obama, a vocal Donald Trump support ( right here , here ), has tweeted a false bear certificate the Barack Obama ( here ).


False. This is a fake bear certificate, likely made with a prank birth certificate generator. Iterations that this case have been circulating due to the fact that 2009.

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