President-elect Donald Trump come at an election night rally top top Nov. 9, in new York.Credit: AP Photo/John Locher

President-elect Donald trump made all kinds the headlines on Tuesday night right into Wednesday morning, once he won the 2016 presidential election. Yet he make a bit of reasonably unnoticed history, too.

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In enhancement to transforming polls on your heads, Trump became the first newly elected president to not finish his victory speech with "God bless America" or "God bless the united States" due to the fact that Ronald Reagan in 1984. 

Reagan did finish that speech by saying "God bless you." yet in 1980, he simply said, "Thanks an extremely much."

Here are quick excerpts native the ends of those speeches, and accompanying videos wherein they"re conveniently available. 

Donald Trump

"We live in the greatest nation on Earth. Give thanks to you America. God bless you. God bless these unified States."

Barack Obama, 2008

"The presidency is more than one honor, the is much more than an office. That is a fee to keep, and also I will give it my all. Say thanks to you really much, and also God bless America."

Bill Clinton, 1996

"I am much more grateful 보다 I deserve to say. Friend have provided me an opportunity and also a obligation that come to couple of people. Ns will do my best. And together we will, us will build that bridge to the 21st century. Thank you, goodnight and also God bless America."

Bill Clinton, 1992

"Together we can do it. Together we have the right to make the country that us live in everything it was intended to be. Ns still think in a place dubbed hope. God bless America. Give thanks to you all."

George H.W. Bush, 1988

"Thank you new Hampshire. Thanks for everything, and God bless America. Thank you all really much. Give thanks to you. Thank you all."

Ronald Reagan, 1984


U.S. President Ronald Reagan gestures while talk to Republican ladies office-holders throughout a luncheon in the State Dining Room in ~ the White house in Washington on Jan. 14, 1984.Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

"And, you know, you"ll pardon me, I"m walking to perform it simply one more time: girlfriend ain"t watched nothin" yet. God bless you. Thank you all an extremely much. Say thanks to you."

Ronald Reagan, 1980



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