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President Barack Obama stands through Vice president Joe Biden as he speaks around immigration in the rose Garden at the White House, June 30, 2014. (AP/Charles Dharapak)


The number of people sent back to their countries based upon returns at the border and formal orders to be at least two times more during George W. Bush and Bill Clinton 보다 under Barack Obama.

Deportations based just on officially removal assignment were greater under Obama contrasted with Bush and Clinton.

By the moment Obama gained to the White House, there was a an ext robust deportation device in place collection up by the bush administration.

Since former Vice president Joe Biden is proud of the working partnership he had actually with president Barack Obama, go Biden also take obligation for Obama-era deportations?

Univision’s Jorge Ramos request Biden that during an interview aired live Feb. 14 on the "Real America with Jorge Ramos" facebook page.

Biden, who is search the democratic presidential nomination, claimed the deportations to be a "big mistake" and also that castle "took too lengthy to acquire it right." yet he additionally claimed the deportations under Obama weren’t as high together they to be under the 2 prior presidents George W. Bush and also Bill Clinton.

Here’s part of their exchange:

Biden: "Look, you had the critical two administrations deport double as many human being as us deported — double as many."

Ramos: "Your management deported 3 million people. An ext than ever."

Biden: "No, no, no, since you had an ext people deported in the W administration, Bush and the Clinton administration."

Ramos: "I’m sorry, Mr. Angry President, but the numbers the I have from the room of landscape Security, girlfriend deported an ext than 3 million people, 1.7 (million) of them with no criminal record."

Biden: "But there were 5 million deported in the bush administration, and an ext than the in the management of Clinton."

Ramos: "I gained to examine those numbers." also decided to check Biden’s numbers.

We uncovered that Biden is right by one method of counting and wrong by another. Biden is appropriate that Bush and also Clinton deported twice as many world — if one is counting the number of people formally eliminated plus the number of people turned away at the southwest border in a much less formal process.

But Biden is wrong if one just looks in ~ the number of people exile under a remove order, a formal process that may involve a court order — and that’s the number the Ramos to be citing.

Biden’s campaign told that Biden was referring to the wider deportation number.

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Immigration experts told united state both metrics have the right to be used to quantify deportations. They just tell various stories.