President Obama’s Hawaii holidays House!

President Obama"s Hawaii holidays House!

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December, 2016 to be the last Hawaii Christmas holidays for chairman Obama prior to he transitions to life together a private citizen. Because 2008, the President and his family’s ar of choice has been the as soon as sleepy area of Kailua just on the windward next of the island. From 2008 to 2011, the residence they rented was Plantation Estate in ~ Paradise Point, located on a jut the land at the far finish of the lengthy crescent that Kailua beach.

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The land whereby Plantation Estate at Paradise point stands was as soon as favored through Hawaiian royalty for that is views and natural beauty, later purchased by missionary Samuel Castle. The home stayed in the Castle household for generations and also as late as the 1960s still was guarded by the family’s an excellent Danes that would really effectively store gawkers turn off the property. Today, it is just one of the most luxurious beach resort areas in the world. End the 2016 holiday season, the Kailua area was once again organize to the Obama family and their entourage of mystery Service agents.

These Kailua just open-air-style estate residences on dead-end roadways with few other homes include the 6,000-square-foot Plantation Estate residence with lagoon-style pool, numerous waterfalls and also lanais, aboriginal Hawaiian plants and also coconut trees, and also an exterior wet bar - every behind a 7 foot lava wall. Inside the master residence are 5 bedrooms and six baths, gourmet kitchen, a 60-inch flat-screen TV, stained-glass windows and lots the mahogany. Paradise allude is a perfect location for the most elegant, tropical houses on Oahu with views to Kailua Beach and the Mokulua Islands.

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The President has been security a many time on miscellaneous golf courses roughly the island with his golfing buddies while the household has delighted in the regional beaches at Kaneohe maritime Base, Kailua and Bellows Air force Base. Residents and also tourists have actually crowded roughly restaurants and other venues come cheer in appreciation because that his eight year leading the country and his affection because that the islands.

The Hawaii Plantation Estate in ~ Paradise allude home the President Obama rented because that his Christmas vacations from 2008 v 2011 is obtainable for rent start at $4,500 a night.



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