Right wing American sites and Twitter were both abuzz yesterday through news that Barack Obama is in the process of buying a Palm Jumeirah mansion.

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It’s all really unsubstantiated, and also has because been commonly discredited, yet they claimed that a report turn in the Kremlin this day (the Russian parliament) says that one of the us Navy’s height commanders, behind Admiral stack Williams,was relieved of his write-up after the queried why Navy forces had been sent to Dubai ~ above a “Obama home hunting mission”.

Official sources say the Admiral to be fired due to misuse that his occupational computer.

Anyway, those who think the Admiral’s dismissal was due to his comment on Barack Obama’s househunting to speak the President has actually purchased a Dhs18 million seaside high-end villa in the UAE. Again, this is not at all confirmed, yet they also go sofar as linking come the details house.

They say it’s the below yellow mansion on the Palm Jumeirah the Obama is buying (although the house’s listing says it’s still for sale).

We speak toShaun Garratt of s View genuine Estate,the agent on the house’s listing. He wouldn’t check or refuse whether Barack Obama to be interested in, or undoubtedly purchasing, the house.


Find an ext pictures here.

Michelle and Barack holidaying in Hawaii.

We personally think Dubai would be the perfect holiday-home option for the Obamas – great golf (we understand Potus loves a put), sun all year ’round (kind of favor Hawaii) and plenty the jogging tracks because that the health-conscious family.

That said, we witnessed him as more of an Emirates Hills man.

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