With two company academies walking head-to-head in the annual Army-Navy Game, who is the Commander-in-Chief rooting for? as the leader that both forces, which would certainly he fairly see win?

While I"m fairly large on political debates and also have strong opinions concerning our President, I store those discussions out of mine football stories. They"re no relevant, and also frankly, castle disrupt the discussions the should be following on a university football article.

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This is no different, really. Yet, in a way, it is. As soon as a political figure attends a football game where he is the CEO (so to speak) the both organizations, it has a politics flare the can"t be fully ignored.

Our Commander-in-Chief has actually never served in his country"s military.

When john F. Kennedy soaked up the Army-Navy Game, over there was tiny doubt he wanted the marine Academy come win. After ~ all, he was a navy veteran.

When Dwight Eisenhower watched together a previous general that the army, there"s tiny question the he wanted the black color Knights to take residence the win in the name of the branch he had actually served in.


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What about Barack Obama?

He"s never worn the uniform. He doesn"t speak the lingo. He hasn"t invested time top top a battleship or trudging through the mud with an attack rifle slung end his shoulder.

Does it matter?

In the grand plan of life—not one ounce. Our nation has had several Presidents who have actually never offered in the military.

As much as the football game goes, it"s attractive to wonder if he has actually a preference.

The president will invest the very first half that the video game on Navy"s side and will spend the second half of the game on Army"s side. Effectively, he"s separating his allegiance, as it should more than likely be.

Both establishments are worthy. Both branches the the military are steeped in history and tradition and also have combined to help create among the many dangerous and effective militaries in the world.

The members of these academies are among the brightest and also bravest our country has come offer.

Publicly, the President will certainly honor both v his existence on your side the the field. Privately, though, i can"t aid wonder that he"s rooting for to win the game.

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