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Former chairman Barack Obama will not be attending Billy Graham’s funeral ~ above Friday, in march 2. Every living President has received one invitation, but it appears that chairman Donald trump card is the just one that has embraced the invitation. However, plenty of former U.S. Presidents have needed to turn down the invite for assorted reasons. Why isn’t Obama attending?

Obama considers Graham to it is in a an individual friend, yet he won’t have the ability to attend the funeral. WTSP 10 News reported the Trump will certainly be the only living chairman to attend the funeral. A spokesperson because that Obama evidenced with many news resources on Monday the he would certainly not be able to attend the funeral, but did not give a reason. He also did no pay visit Grahams’ family members while he was lying in repose in Charlotte or in ~ the Capitol Rotunda. However, in 2010 he went to Graham at his residence in Monteat, north Carolina. So together of the time of publication, we don’t understand why Obama isn’t attending. In the past, once he didn’t to visit a funeral the someone important or the he to be close to, it to be often as result of a scheduling conflict.

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After Graham’s death, Obama tweeted that Graham “gave hope and guidance come generations of Americans.”

Billy Graham to be a humble servant that prayed for so countless – and also who, through wisdom and grace, gave hope and also guidance come generations the Americans.

— Barack Obama (
BarackObama) February 21, 2018

This isn’t the very first high-profile funeral the Obama has decided not to attend in recent years. In 2016, Obama did no attend justice Antonin Scalia’s funeral, however he did attend the lie in repose ceremony.When request why Obama wasn’t attending Scalia’s funeral, the White residence press secretary, mock Earnest, simply said, “The president will pay his respects at the supreme Court ~ above Friday and also he’ll be joined by the an initial lady.” He included that Obama desires to honor Scalia’s life and service and also believes that is important.

Obama additionally didn’t to visit Nancy Reagan’s funeral in 2016, yet Michelle Obama walk attend. Instead, Obama speak at SXSW in Austin. Obama was always lavish in his praise and also admiration the Nancy Reagan, saying the she assisted ease his and Michelle’s change into the White House. He claimed that she “could not have been an ext gracious and an ext charming” to himselfand Michellewhen they very first entered the White house in 2009,The Hill reported.He additionally said, “‘Later, in her lengthy goodbye v President Reagan, she became a voice on behalf of millions of households going with the depleting, aching fact of Alzheimer’s, and took top top a new role, together advocate, on instead of of therapies that hold the potential and also the promise come improve and save lives.”

Obama additionally didn’t to visit Muhammad Ali’s funeral in 2016, early out to an essential family engagement happening in ~ the same time.Obama’s earliest daughter Malia’s graduationwas on the exact same dayas Muhammad Ali’s funeral. Since of this, the White House an elderly adviser, Valerie Jarrett attend in his place. Valerie knew Muhammad Ali personally.

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton additionally are not attending Graham’s funeral, together they currently paid their respects while Graham was lying in repose in ~ the Billy Graham Library earlier this week. Previous President Jimmy Carter is also not attending, likely due to his wife’s recent surgery, and also neither is former President George H.W. Bush, for wellness reasons.

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Former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, and also Bill Clinton every honored Graham in 2007 as soon as his library was dedicated.