so late last September, ns moderated a discussion about North Korea with retired navy Adm. James Stavridis, whose 37-year armed forces career contained a stint running NATO, and Michèle Flournoy, the No. 3 main at the Pentagon during the Obama administration, who has helped form US policy toward phibìc Korea since 1993.

It was a chilling conversation. Stavridis stated there was at least a 10 percent chance of a nuclear war in between the US and North Korea, and also a 20 come 30 percent opportunity of a conventional problem that can kill a million civilization or more. Flournoy claimed President Trump’s difficult talk about North Korea — i m sorry has consisted of deriding Kim Jong Un together “Little Rocket Man” and threatening to rain “fire and also fury” down on his nation — made that “much more likely currently that one next or the other will misread what to be intended together a display of meeting or a show of force.”

The trump card administration, for its part, seems an ext confident in its capability to control North Korea v precision. National Security torture H.R. McMaster is advertise something known inside the White home as a “bloody nose” strategy that responding come a North korean provocation v a set of limited US army strikes. McMaster seems to believe that Kim would passively absorb the attack without hitting earlier and risking all-out war.

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Millions — many — would die

I spanned the Iraq war from Baghdad. I observed the after-effects of a conflict developed atop sunny scenarios and also rosy thinking. I’ve watched the cost of wars that the American world were not ready for and did not fully understand. The rhetoric approximately North Korea is increasing those exact same alarm bells for me. For all the speak of atom exchanges and giant buttons, there has been little realistic discussion of what a war on the korean Peninsula could mean, just how it could escalate, what commitments would certainly be required, and what sacrifices would certainly be demanded.

So I’ve invested the past month posing those concerns to much more than a dozen former Pentagon officials, CIA analysts, US military officers, and think tank experts, as well as to a retired southern Korean basic who invested his whole professional life preparing to struggle the North. They’ve all said variants the the very same thing: over there is a actual risk of a war on the korean Peninsula that would involve the usage of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons. Several approximated that millions — plural — would die.

Even much more frightening, most of the civilization I speak to claimed they believed Kim would use nuclear weapons versus South Korea in the initial stages of the fighting — not simply as a desperate last resort.

Danush Parvaneh/; AP pictures “This would certainly be nothing like Iraq,” Flournoy called me. “It’s not that the North korean military is for this reason good. It’s the North Korea has actually nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass damage — and also is now in a instance where they can have actual incentives to usage them.”

The specialists I speak to all stressed that Kim can devastate Seoul without also needing to use his weapons of mass destruction. The North oriental military has actually an enormous variety of rocket launchers and artillery pieces within selection of Seoul. The nonpartisan congressional Research organization estimates that Kim might hammer the south Korean capital with an astonishing 10,000 rockets every minute — and also that such a barrage might kill an ext than 300,000 south Koreans in the opening days that the conflict. That’s all without making use of a solitary nuclear, chemical, or biological weapon.

And retired South korean Gen. In-Bum Chun, who invested 40 year in uniform thinking around a confrontation v North Korea, underscored that Kim additionally has a different kind the weapon: 25 million people — consisting of 1.2 million active-duty troops and also several million reservists — who have actually been “indoctrinated since childhood through the belief that Kim and his family are literal gods whose government must be protected at all costs.”

“You’re talking about people who have actually basically been brainwashed their whole lives,” Chun said. “It would be prefer what you experienced on Okinawa during people War II, whereby Japanese civilians and soldiers were all willing come fight come the death. This would be a hard and also bloody war.”

What follows is a guide to what a conflict with phibìc Korea could look like. Battle is naturally unpredictable: It’s possible Kim would use every form of weapon the mass devastation he possesses, and it’s possible he wouldn’t use any type of of them.

But countless leading experts fear the worst. And if every one of this sounds frightening, the should. A new war on the oriental Peninsula wouldn’t be as poor as friend think. It would certainly be much, much worse.

Destroying Kim’s nuclear arsenal would call for a soil invasion and facing Kim’s chemical and biological weapons

The official position that the trump card administration, choose that the its predecessors, is that North Korea’s nuclear regimen is unacceptable and also that Pyongyang has actually to provide up every its nuclear weapons. If the US and also South Korea saw war with the North, their key strategic goal would certainly be to record or destroy every one of Pyongyang’s atom sites, as well as the bases that house its long-range missiles.

In a startlingly blunt letter to Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) critical October, behind Adm. Michael Dumont, speak on behalf of the share Chiefs the Staff, claimed the “only means to ‘locate and destroy — with complete certainty — all components of north Korea’s nuclear weapons programs’ is through a floor invasion.”

Danush Parvaneh/; AP pictures approximates of the specific numbers of us troops that would take part in a press north vary widely, however current and former army planners uniformly believe it would need vastly much more forces than took component in the invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan.

A South oriental military white paper from 2016, because that instance, said the united state would have to deploy 690,000 floor troops to southern Korea if war broke out. Bruce Bennett, a an elderly researcher in ~ the edge Corporation who has spent decades studying north Korea generally and the Kim family members specifically, to trust those numbers space on the high side, however he think the us would have to send at the very least 200,000 troops into North Korea. By method of comparison, that would be significantly much more troops 보다 the US had actually in either Iraq or Afghanistan at the peaks the those two lengthy wars.

The 2016 assessment claims the Pentagon would additionally need to send 2,000 warplanes and also other plane to southern Korea. The us hasn’t had that lot airpower deployed come a single conflict due to the fact that Vietnam.

The professionals I speak to believe Kim and also his generals recognize that united state ground forces are much better trained and also equipped than North korean troops, and that north Korea’s aging fleet the 1,300 Soviet-era warplanes is no complement for Washington’s advanced stealth fighters and also other jets. For this reason what would take place if US and South oriental troops started pouring right into North Korea if American planes released wave after wave of airstrikes?

The consensus view is that Kim would try to level the playing ar by using his huge arsenal of chemistry weapons, i m sorry is believed to be the biggest and most technologically advanced in the world. (Kim is estimated to have between 2,500 and 5,000 metric loads of deadly nerve agents favor sarin, which can reason paralysis and, ultimately, death.)

With so many artillery pieces and rocket launchers trained ~ above Seoul, Kim has actually the capability to conveniently blanket the densely packed city with vast amounts the nerve agents. The person toll would be staggeringly high: The military chronicler Reid Kirby approximated last June the a continual sarin attack could kill approximately 2.5 million human being in Seoul alone, if injuring nearly 7 million more. Men, women, and children would an extremely literally choking to death in the roads of among the world’s wealthiest and also most colorful cities. It would certainly be mass murder on a scale hardly ever seen in human history.

Kim also has large quantities the VX, an even deadlier chemistry weapon, and has currently shown a willingness, and ability, to usage it against civilian targets abroad. Last February, two women trained by phibìc Korean knowledge agents walked approximately Kim’s estranged half-brother Kim Jong Nam, when the 45-year-old walked through an plane in Malaysia, and also smeared his challenge with VX. Authorities there stated he experienced a “very painful” fatality from his exposure to the nerve agent.

Retired Lt. Gen. Chip Gregson, the Pentagon’s height Asia main from 2009 to 2011, says the strike was a vivid illustration the the North korean chemical tools program’s technological sophistication — and also of what may confront US and also South korean troops if war were to rest out.

“VX is the worst of the worst,” Gregson called me. “It’s a crowd killer. The odorless, colorless, and doesn’t dissipate quickly. The reality that they to be able to use it so precisely — come kill only one person and also not even injure the 2 handlers — shows a high degree of technological skill and also a clear willingness to usage a weapon of fixed destruction versus civilian targets. That requirements to it is in factored right into the equation as soon as we think about what Kim would carry out to preempt an attack or retaliate because that one.”

The Pentagon currently assumes that its airbases in and around southern Korea would be among the first places Kim tried to hit through chemical weapons like sarin. US military officials nothing think phibìc Korea would certainly necessarily succeed in killing countless of the pilots and other troops stationed there, all of whom space equipped v gas masks and other security gear. However they concern an attack could however make it significantly harder for the united state to launch waiting raids against the north by leading to panic and chaos ~ above the bases that home the American warplanes, bombers, and also troops.

Retired Air pressure Lt. Gen. Jan-Marc Jouas, the former deputy command of US forces in southern Korea, claimed the early phases of any type of offensive against North Korea count on American and also South oriental planes gift able come hit Kim’s nuclear facilities, armed forces bases, chemical and biological tools caches, radar systems, and missile defense arrays.

The air campaign — which would certainly dwarf the “shock and also awe” that the Iraq war in size and also scope — would be designed come decimate north Korea’s floor forces and also destroy the hundreds of artillery pieces trained top top the South oriental capital prior to they can be supplied to level Seoul.

Danush Parvaneh/; AP images Washington would certainly also shot to kill an elderly North korean military commanders and also government officials, including Kim. (So-called “decapitation” strikes are component of the present US and also South korean war arrangement for a dispute with phibìc Korea, OPLAN 5015, which clearly talks around targeting the country’s top leadership.)

“Air power is dependency on the variety of sorties that have the right to be flown,” Jouas called me, utilizing the military’s term for an separation, personal, instance air combat mission. “And the a lot more difficult to generate sorties if your airfield is under attack.”

Jouas stated Air pressure personnel command chemical weapons drills where they exercise doing their work in gas masks and other equipment they’d undertake if the bases were under yes, really attack. They shot to game out all the various ways North Korea can hit the facilities, and also to prepare accordingly. It isn’t easy.

“We anticipate standard attacks, we anticipate chemical attacks, we anticipate cyberattacks, and also we suspect North oriental special operations pressures being placed into the bases,” he told me. “We’d still have the ability to fly — and also to eventually defeat north Korea — yet there would certainly be one unquestionable influence on ours operations.”

Gregson thinks Kim wouldn’t just use his chemical weapons against military targets in southern Korea. The Pentagon has a sizable military presence in surrounding Japan, and the island of Guam is a US territory that is residence to an ext than 163,000 American citizens. Both room well within selection of Kim’s missiles and rockets — and also Gregson expects both would certainly be hit.

Andrew Weber, previously the assistant secretary that defense because that nuclear, chemical, and also biological defense programs, said me that the US and South Korea would likewise need to be prepared for Kim come use organic weapons versus both military and also civilian targets.

North Korea’s arsenal is thought to incorporate smallpox, yellow fever, anthrax, hemorrhagic fever, and even plague. Castle are few of the many frightening substances on earth, and Weber expects some of them to it is in used versus South oriental ports, airfields, and also cities as a means of killing huge numbers that civilians and also troops while bring about terror on a nationwide scale.

“We would suppose to watch cocktails that fast-acting biological agents designed to avoid troops in their tracks and regular contagious agents that would certainly take more time to death people,” he told me. “There would be a significant military impact, and also a far-reaching psychological one. It’s tough to overstate just exactly how frightening these species of tools are.”

In one October 2017 report, researcher from harvard’s Belfer Center noted that minute amounts of anthrax “equivalent to a few bottles of wine” can kill increase to half the population of a densely occupied city choose Seoul. Phibìc Korea can theoretically fire missiles with payloads the anthrax or other biological weapons right into South Korea, or usage drones to disperse the lethal substances indigenous the air.

The researchers created that Kim could likewise have few of his citizens secretly lug the weapons into the South:

North Korea has actually 200,000 special forces; also a handful of those unique forces armed with BW would be enough to devastate south Korea. What is alarming around human vectors is the they carry out not need sophisticated training or an innovation to spread out BW among the targets, and they are an overwhelming to recognize in advance of one attack. The is theoretically feasible that North korean sleeper agents disguised as cleaning and also disinfection personnel could disperse BW agents with backpack sprayers. Another possibility is the North korean agents will present BW into water offers for significant metropolitan areas.

In 2011, Weber helped style a war game centered on a simulated north Korean organic weapons strike on the South. The exercise, able Response, brought together hundreds of military and civilian officials indigenous the US and South Korea. The purposes were to number out the finest ways come detect one attack, recognize what substance had actually been used, border the spread of the virus, and then sirloin vaccines and other medical treatment to the infected to conserve as numerous lives together possible.

The exercises resulted in concrete policy changes, including closer coordination between the South oriental military and the country’s public health and wellness system. United state bases in south Korea received new environmental surveillance systems designed to easily detect the existence of a organic agent. All united state troops in southern Korea room vaccinated against anthrax and also smallpox (South korean troops aren’t, come the consternation the Weber and also other united state officials).

Still, Weber claimed his main takeaway to be the near impossibility of avoiding biological tools from death an astonishing variety of people. The fatality toll in every year’s practice was frequently close come a million. In part cases, it to be significantly higher because the infection infect Japan or other nearby countries.

“It only takes one or two human being to deliver bioweapons, and tiny quantities of a bacteria or virus can reason a massive number of casualties,” the told me. “You wouldn’t need a missile. You’d need a backpack.”

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The scary logic behind a North korean nuclear attack

There’s a huge question that looms over any type of discussion of north Korea’s growing arsenal of atom weapons: would Kim actually be willing to usage one?

North Korea is believed to have about 50 nukes. The US, through contrast, has actually an astonishing 6,800 nuclear tools (surpassed only by Russia, which has actually an estimated 7,000 weapons). Trumped — or among his followers — might respond come a North korean nuclear win by damaging every major North oriental city in a matter of hours.

specialists inside and outside the US federal government who research North Korea say the Kim is a reasonable leader v a singular emphasis on maintaining regulate of his country. They don’t think he’s stupid, or suicidal. And also for a lengthy time, they believed that Kim would just use his nuclear weapons if he were dealing with military defeat and also the impending collapse the his government. It would be the critical gasp of a dice regime, one figured out to death as numerous of its enemies as feasible before the finish came.

Those assessments have actually now changed. Many of the specialists I speak to think North Korea would use nuclear weapons at the beginning that a war — no at the end. And also most the them think Kim would be do a reasonable decision, no a crazy or suicidal one, if he provided the launch order.

One that the best explanations because that why came from Bennett, the rand researcher. He’s made much more than 100 trips come the oriental Peninsula and also interviewed an array of North oriental defectors. He likewise jokes the he’s “kinda, sorta” do it right into North Korea itself, including once walking with a newly discovered tunnel that North korean troops had dug in ~ the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea. He remembers the the wall surfaces were extended with graffiti praising Kim.

Bennett began his career at RAND throughout the elevation of the Cold War and also believes it’s impossible to understand why Kim would go atom without additionally understanding why Soviet leader were all set to execute so.

“In the Cold War, we particularly talked about a logic dubbed ‘use castle or shed them,’ which referred to the truth that the Soviet Union construed that the an initial goal of one American preemptive strike would it is in to knock out their atom weapons prior to they might be fired at the US,” Bennett told me. “Now think around how Kim is looking in ~ the world. He knows that any US and South korean strike would be design to destroy or record his atom weapons. That method he’d need to either usage them at an early stage or risk shedding them altogether.”

There’s one more big-picture reason Kim could decide to walk nuclear: a Cold War-era principle known as “decoupling.”

In the 1950s, the Soviet Union was lot stronger militarily 보다 Germany, France, or the other nations of western Europe. The US had actually formally committed to protecting those countries from a Soviet invasion, and also Bennett told me that American armed forces planners were all set to use small-scale tactical atom weapons against the proceeding Russian troops to avoid the assault.

That entire calculus began to change once the Soviet Union emerged long-range atom missiles capable of reaching the continent US. European leaders openly wondered how far Washington would be ready to walk to protect their nations from the Soviet Union provided the new risks come the American homeland.

“By the moment you get to the late ’50s, the French in certain are saying, ‘Wait a minute, if the US provides nuclear weapons versus Soviet ground forces in Europe, the Soviets are going come fire nuclear weapons at the US. Is the US prepared to trade brand-new York City because that Paris?’” Bennett called me.

That’s why phibìc Korea’s brand-new generation that long-range missiles qualified of hitting the mainland united state is together a video game changer.

The North oriental constitution claims the country’s ultimate aim is the reunification the the whole Korean Peninsula under the Kim family’s control, which would be difficult to pull off with US troops already deployed to southern Korea and also Washington formally committed to going to battle on the South’s behalf.

So if Kim actually wants to try to reunify the two Koreas, he demands to somehow break up the US-South Korea alliance. If the united state were no longer willing to safeguard Seoul, then south Korea — which has no nuclear tools of its own — would certainly be a lot easier to invade and also defeat. However how do you break up that alliance? how do you to convince the us not to concerned South Korea’s defense in instance of war?

Being able to credibly threaten come destroy brand-new York or Washington certainly helps. Kim deserve to now pressure American leader to stop and think whether it’s yes, really worth risking a feasible nuclear strike on the us mainland simply to defend South Korea native a North korean attack. Phibìc Korea has actually missiles qualified of reaching the West Coast and also is thought to have actually nuclear warheads that would certainly fit on optimal of them. They could destroy a major nuclear city. To change a expression from the Cold War, would certainly Trump be ready to profession San Francisco because that Seoul?

If Kim decides the price is no, utilizing a nuclear weapon versus South Korea no much longer seems crazy or suicidal. The starts come seem rational. And one particular South oriental city starts come seem like the likeliest target.

In July 2016, Kim test-fired three missiles as part of what a North oriental state-run news agency described together mock “pre-emptive strikes in ~ ports and also airfields in the operational theatre in south Korea, wherein the U.S. Imperialists nuclear battle hardware is to it is in hurled” in instance of a future conflict in between the 2 sides.

That was widely seen as an implicit hazard to usage nuclear weapons against the South korean port city the Busan, which would certainly play a vital role in any kind of Pentagon initiative to develop a force large enough to defend the southern or to lead a preemptive to win on the North.

The US currently has around 28,500 troops stationed in south Korea and would should deploy hundreds of thousands more if war damaged out with the North. The united state would also have come send in thousands of added tanks, armored personnel carriers, bombers, fighter jets, helicopters, and also artillery pieces.

The difficulty is that the Pentagon’s cargo planes deserve to only ferry in a few hundred troops or a pair of tanks at a time. That way the vast bulk the the united state troops and also equipment would need to come through boat, a laborious process that could take 6 weeks or much longer to complete. The American ships would unload at Busan, and also the best method for Kim to damage those harbor — and significantly sluggish US initiatives to send in sufficient troops to make a difference in the hit — would be come nuke the city.

Jouas, the retired Air pressure general, called me that North Korea’s thinking about whether to use a atom weapon at an early stage in a dispute has likely readjusted as the nation has built an ext of the weapons and also developed missiles and rockets qualified of hitting much more distant targets.

“In the past, once North Korea had actually a minimal number of nuclear weapons, the evaluate was the they’d marshal them to use only as a critical resort,” he told me. “Now that their inventory has actually grown, it’s less complicated to imagine them using several of the weapons at the onset of hostilities to shot to shape the means the remainder of the war would unfold.”

Bruce Klingner, a 20-year veteran of the CIA who invested years studying North Korea, told me the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had stood by in 2002 together the united state methodically gathered the pressures it used to attack the nation — and also oust Hussein — the following year. He said there was tiny chance the Kim would follow in Hussein’s footsteps and patiently permit the Pentagon come deploy the troops and equipment the would require for a full-on war v North Korea.

“The typical wisdom supplied to be that North Korea would certainly use just nuclear tools as component of a critical gasp, twilight of the gods, pull the holy place down ~ above themselves type of move,” stated Klingner, who now works for the conservative legacy Foundation. “But we need to prepare because that the real possibility that Kim would use nuclear weapons in the early stages that a conflict, not the last ones.”

We also have come prepare because that the reality that if the US and also North Korea do actually concerned blows, China will get involved — and also not in the methods that one of two people Washington or Pyongyang might expect.

The China problem

In a recent essay in international Affairs, Oriana Skylar Mastro, a north Korea expert at Georgetown University, suggests persuasively the the US essentially misunderstands China’s connection with the Kim government. Us officials have actually long thought that Beijing is committed to north Korea’s survival and might take steps to ensure that Kim’s program doesn’t collapse and send millions of starving refugees flowing into China. That line that thinking, she writes, is “dangerously the end of date.”

Mastro continues:

Today, China is no much longer wedded to phibìc Korea’s survival. In the occasion of a problem or the regime’s collapse, Chinese pressures would interference to a level not previously expected — not to defend Beijing’s an alleged ally yet to certain its own interests.

More specifically, she and several that the other experts I spoke to believe that China would conveniently send thousands of thousands the troops into North Korea come seize regulate of the country’s nuclear sites and prevent Kim from utilizing the weapons. Chinese and also North oriental troops wouldn’t be working together versus a usual enemy; they’d be trying to death each other.

“China would need to fight its means into north Korea,” Mastro called me in one interview. “For the north Koreans, foe No. 1 is clearly the unified States, however enemy No. 2 is China. They recognize they’d need to potentially hit both countries.”

Things would get really complicated, and also really dangerous, once Chinese troops made their method to the atom facilities. The Pentagon has actually spent years practicing exactly how to send us special operations forces into phibìc Korea come seize Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons if over there were indicators that Kim’s government was collapsing. The problem is that Chinese troops would practically certainly be sent right into North Korea in ~ the very same time, and also with the very same goal, as the united state forces.

Mastro notes that Chinese troops would certainly only need to advancement 60 miles right into North Korea come take control of all of the country’s highest-priority nuclear sites and also two-thirds of its highest-priority missile sites. Provided that huge geographic advantage, Beijing’s troops would virtually certainly arrive before the us ones do.

“When ours special pressures run right into the Chinese special forces, what execute we do? space we going to shoot at each other or shake hands?” Bennett said me. “That’s an extremely risky decision to make on the fly.”

There’s no reason to think the nations would necessarily come to blows. The US can live with the North oriental nuclear weapons finishing up in China’s hands, since Beijing already has a sizable atom arsenal and fairly stable relationships v both Washington and also many of its neighbors in the region.

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But Beijing would be intervening to safeguard its very own interests, no those of the US. A war in between North and also South Korea would almost certainly finish with the production of a reunified country led by the pro-US federal government in Seoul; China would desire to make sure it no left out in the cold.

In this, and also this alone, a war with North Korea would bear part similarities come the battle in Iraq. When the Bush management ousted the Saddam Hussein regime in 2003, it wasn’t ready for what ended up being a concerted and years-long Iranian press to ensure the Iraq’s political mechanism was conquered by Shia politics parties v close ties to Tehran. Iran has actually largely gotten its way: number of of Iraq’s postwar leader have enabled Iranian militias to run within the country, and also Baghdad has actually noticeably chilly relationships through Saudi Arabia and also Iran’s other regional rivals.

All of i beg your pardon is come say the China, prefer Iran, would be trying come stabilize postwar Korea on its own terms, not those of the US. And also it would be law so against a Trump administration that is notably hostile and also fearful that China’s rising global influence.