Nicole Curtis is passionate about restoration ~ above HGTV’s Rehab Addict Rescue show. As soon as it involves her own house life, does she have actually kids?

The house improvement series sees Nicole purchase properties, transforming lock from an easy homes to incredible locations to live.

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Viewers consistently see the HGTV organize take matters right into her very own hands by doing a most the manual labour herself.

Having watched Nicole successfully produce homes because that others, the concern on fan’s mental is exactly how many kids she has. Keep reading to discover out…


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Who is Nicole Curtis?

Nicole, 44, is a mum, house renovator and also restorer, investor, realtor and also TV producer, and worked on dwellings a lengthy time before showing up on screens.

She organized Rehab Addict indigenous 2010 come 2018, before taking part time far from the display to emphasis on she children, and is currently on Rehab Addict Rescue.

The HGTV star was brought up in Michigan, USA, and used to sell garbage finds on Craigslist, before shooting because that TV in she Minneapolis hometown.

nicolecurtis girlfriend nailed it. Friend made that lovely Detroit couple’s house a home without ripping the end a single wall. I’ll call it a resto-vation. I’d move in! #RehabAddictRescue

How many children does Nicole Curtis have?


Nicole has actually been open around being a solitary mom while on the show.

She gained pregnant through her 23-year-old boy Ethan once she was 20 years old, who she had with her former husband Steve Lane.

Nicole then had actually her 2nd son Harper in 2015, and has a custody covenant for him with her ex Shane Maguire.

nicolecurtis you room amazing!! My favourite HGTV a person!! A true star v integrity and also ethics!!

— mary Morgan Ippolito (

Does Nicole Curtis have a daughter?


Nicole has two sons, yet she doesn’t have actually a daughter.

She walk regularly acquire asked about Tessa, that passed away following a cancer fight after an episode featuring her and her family.

Nicole, who is near friends through Tessa’s parental – consisting of her father and on-screen GC Bobby – aided to tell she story on Rehab Addict.

She said:

I’ve met a lot of of youngsters in my 40 years and of course, have two of mine own, but this tiny one was such one old soul. She smile, her laugh, that was totally captivating.

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