The Lakers" marquee rookie filmed Nick Young admitting the he cheated top top his well known fiancée, other than without Young"s consent. Now, Russell"s teammates space livid.

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So, D"Angelo Russell tried come prank Nick Young by recording him talking about cheating on renowned fiancée Iggy Azalea. The video clip somehow got out.

Once that did, the other Lakers players shut Russell out by making him sit alone in ~ breakfast. Brave, anonymous Lakers officials trashed Russell in the media. The saga is cited together a factor the Lakers lost to Utah through 48 damn points on in march 28, 2016. (Most most likely reason: the Lakers space trash.)

You have actually questions. We have answers.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on in march 30, 2016 during the immediate consequences of D’Angelo Russell’s video surfacing in the media. It’s when again relevant adhering to the 2017 NBA Draft together Brooklyn Nets pan attempt to understand why the Lakers offered up on the 21-year-old allude guard.

For an ext recent context, here"s Kristian Winfield on how Russell is the lottery pick the Nets never had, and Matt Ellentuck on exactly how Russell is no longer an afterthought.


D"Angelo Russell is 20 years old. Versus his much better judgment, that befriended Lakers teammate Nick Young.

Nick Young is just one of the NBA"s most notorious goofballs. He gave himself the nickname Swaggy P, he is just one of the greatest ballhogs in the NBA and he is involved to Iggy Azalea. ("Was engaged," perhaps.) that starred in one of the most hilarious mim of 2014 as he commemorated a shot that missed. He"s additionally the current star the a popular and also entirely relevant meme.

Apparently Young, Russell and also other Lakers have actually participated in a prank battle all season. This is not uncommon for immature trash groups with vacant leadership. (The Sacramento majesties are prank war champs to the point where the franchise has actually actually adopted the nonsense.)

Russell, together noted, is young. So possibly he didn"t realize the he was taking the prank battle too far by coaxing Young right into admitting infidelity with a 19-year-old girl he met at a society while Russell surreptitiously recorded. Live and learn!

HOW walk THE video clip GET OUT?

That continues to be a mystery. That turned increase on Fameolous, i m sorry is a site that is precisely what it sound like. Russell may have actually shared it with someone who mutual it with someone. Russell may have passed that on because he doesn"t desire Iggy Azalea to it is in hurt. Russell can have left his phone call in a bathroom, and also whoever lifted it might have gone through his videos. Perhaps Russell to be hacked. While speaking to the media, Russell reiterated that also he didn"t know exactly how the video clip got out.


As NBA fans might remember native the Donald Sterling saga, California is a two-party consent state, which means that (assuming the recording was made in California, as it appears) Russell may have actually violated the law concerning the record of personal conversations. Possibilities that Young actually records a criminal complaint versus Russell room nil, in spite of how great that would certainly be. The same uses to a civil suit. It"s far much more likely the Young desires this story to go away than he desires to take money from Russell.


So great.


Young stays under contract for following season, but the Lakers have been trying to trade him basically since they signed him. He"s 30, and while he have the right to be a microwave scorer, no team in the NBA actually requirements him enough to placed up v his unpreventable shenanigans.

The Lakers were going to try to trade Young regardless. This event may likewise lead the franchise come jettison various other veterans who space apparently affiliated in icing Russell post-video. ESPN reports Lou Williams got up and walked away when Russell freshly sat next to him in the locker room. If any kind of veteran Lakers organize grudges against Russell, the former office might find a way to obtain them out of there.


Not even the Lakers space myopic sufficient to danger alienating or trading Russell over something as hilarious/meaningless as this. OR are THEY? from ESPN:

"It"s bad," one team resource told"s Ramona Shelburne. "It"s about as negative as it can get. There to be trust concerns already. Now there"s no trust."


Hell no. Come on. This wasn"t a smart thing to do by any kind of stretch, and also it"s reasonable because that Young to it is in mad at Russell for breaking whatever trust he believed they had. It"s reasonable for various other Lakers to have trust concerns with Russell regarding personal matters. It"s reasonable for the Lakers company to it is in concerned about Russell"s judgment. (Chances space they were already concerned through Young"s judgment.)

But in the end, it"s really part stupid, meaningless ingredient that has no bearing on Russell"s basketball future.

IS THERE precedent FOR THIS?

Yes! In fact, the most well known NBA instance of infidelity snitching comes from the Lakers and also the hero right now riding into the sunset. Earlier in 2003, Kobe Bryant to be arrested and also charged through sexual assault in Colorado. According to police reports, he told investigators the his then-teammate Shaquille O"Neal paid ladies hush money to keep his flings secret. This detail eventually do its means into the press, including remarkable quantities of fuel come an already-infernal feud in between the two. Shaq had actually been traded come Miami prior to the incident ended up being common knowledge, despite it"s unclear when Shaq found out about it.


Iggy has actually a new single out called "Team." It"s widely welcomed that celebrities of various stripes (particularly actors and also pop musicians) leverage rabid attention in celebrity gossip to boost sales, box office revenue and also general notoriety. Buzz is its very own end. Too many of world are buzzing around Iggy Azalea ideal now. It"s not exterior the realm of possibility -- heck, probably not outside Hollywood norms -- to phase a break-up at the perfect time to rise fan interest.

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