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Governor Andrew Cuomo is amongst eight new York public official being sued over the state"s 2019 abortion law.

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The Reproductive wellness Act, which encode abortion rights in Roe v Wade right into state law, enables doctors to do an abortion after 24 weeks, but only in instances where over there is "an absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is important to defend the patient"s life or health."

The act to be designed to ensure new Yorkers might make an individual health treatment decisions and also medical professionals could carry out services without are afraid of prosecution, the governor"s website said.

It mirrors regulations in others parts of the world, including England, whereby abortions have the right to be lugged out ~ 24 mainly in very minimal circumstances—for example, if the mother"s life is at danger or the child would it is in born with a major disability.

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Cuomo"s act received the backing of groups including the new York civil Liberties Union, which stated it was reason for "long-overdue celebration."

But it was vehemently opposed by religious conservatives, with some Catholic bishops calling for the autonomous governor to be excommunicated and Cardinal Timothy Dolan explicate the regulation as "ghoulish" in a New York Post op-ed.

Now, a team of five women have launched legal action against the act, saying: "New York officials have converted a woman"s liberty attention in terminating her pre-viable pregnancy right into a novel "right" to kill viable unborn children."

They claim the action "extends this suspect "right" come kill beyond pregnant mothers to third-party criminal assailants."

The complain states: "In a change that alters almost two century of penal law, a murderer deserve to no much longer be prosecuted under new York legislation for the death of a wanted, viable unborn child."

Christen Civiletto, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, said the complaint had been filed "on behalf of victim of residential violence and others."

The complaint claims that the passage of the bill 2 years back "put women in danger" and that "physical assaults on women, and the variety of women undergoing required abortion, might increase as result of the extension of the moment within which an accused legal abortion have the right to be obtained."


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at a news conference ~ above September 8, 2020. Cuomo deals with a legal challenge over his abortion law.Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesHowever, the legislation has actually the backing of senior health officials—some of whom were called as defendants in the case.

Cuomo, a Catholic, said in January 2019 the he was obliged to different his religious views native his job-related as governor. "I have actually my own Catholic beliefs, how I live mine life. ... The is my business as a Catholic," the said. "I don"t govern as a Catholic. Ns don"t legislate as a Catholic."

Defending the act in the weeks ~ it was signed, State city council Liz Krueger claimed previous new York law put press on medical professionals to wait because that a medical problem to worsen and also become life-threatening prior to being maybe to administer appropriate care.

The law, Krueger said, had not adjusted the truth that a infant born alive throughout an abortion procedure would get all the essential care, simply as they would certainly in any type of live birth.

She added: "When abortions are performed later on in pregnancy, that is due to the fact that they space medically necessary as result of the fetus no being viable or the woman"s health or life being at risk.

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"Each pregnancy is different and also these are complex medical situations. Abortion is component of reproductive wellness care. Therefore, a mrs must have the ability to make the appropriate health treatment decision for herself based on the clinical circumstances."

Krueger also warned around "misinformation" approximately the law that led some to insurance claim wrongly that abortions have the right to be performed approximately the moment of birth.

"This is just not accurate," she said. "Furthermore, this is a false depiction of clinical standards that practice, and the honest guidelines and also laws that medical providers have to follow."

That did not prevent President Donald trump claiming the lawmakers in new York had "cheered with happiness upon the i of law that would allow a baby to be ripped from the mother"s womb best up till delivery."