Normally, currently of year, network TV shows are gearing up and getting ready for production once more, but for the stars that NCIS: new Orleans the cycle of work, climate play will not it is in happening this year as CBS cancelled the series ahead the what would have actually been it’s eighth season ~ above the air. Yet how go the actors feel about the cancellation? Scott Bakula mutual one reason the CBS cancellation hit him so hard.

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It’s been two months and some change since Scott Bakula and also the remainder of the actors of NCIS: new Orleans observed their present make its final bow on the airwaves, despite it’s been also longer since the actors was on collection filming the series. If cancellation is a component of many show’s life cycles, Bakula explained why New Orleans in details was so hard to let walk of. A the majority of it had to carry out with the city and also the world in it, every what the told TV Insider:

It’s tough to leave. We sort of had the vital to the city; anyone knew me and I appreciated being able to pat every cop i walked by on the shoulder and also say, ‘Hey, just how you doing?’

Scott Bakula had previously talked about his “surprise” over the present being cancelled, but his feelings about where NCIS: brand-new Orleans filmed room a various thing. Supposedly the cast and crew found out the series would be finishing at the end of Season 7 if they were shooting episode 13. Scott Bakula wasn’t the only human who to be beat up about the decision from CBS, as executive producer jan Nash additionally said she to be gutted after finding out the news native the Eye Network.

It to be painful however it was a blessing come have enough time to do adjustments and also a finale the an extremely true to new Orleans.

The great news is that Season 7 of NCIS: new Orleans ultimately featured 16 episodes. That’s in reality a rather brief season because that network TV, yet given the cancellation news came down the pipeline in February and also given there to be a couple of more episodes left come film, the writing team established a method to wrap the series on a high note and also one that would certainly resonate v the fans.

That episode, “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler” aired earlier in May. It also featured a wedding, return Pride and also Sasha’s storyline finished on a different note. End the years, the display had adjusted and change in terms of its characters, but the finale really wanted to focus in ~ above the here and also now of what was going on through Season 7--to focus on the future and not the past as the collection said its last goodbye come the fanbase.

At the finish of the day, some NCIS: brand-new Orleans alums have currently moved ~ above to brand-new projects. CCH Pounder, because that one example, will certainly be in the upcoming Avatar sequels, however will also be heading earlier to TV because that a brand-new role in The good Fight. Bakula hasn’t signed on for another duty yet, yet given exactly how much he appears to love NOLA, perhaps something will crop up to movie in the area. We’ll have to wait and see.

For now, autumn TV is getting earlier into production, through a slew of reflects that were renewed -- including Law & Order: organized Crime and SEAL Team -- currently moving forward. Come see when your favorites that weren’t cancelled are coming back, take it a look at our autumn TV premiere schedule.

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