West side Story proceeds to it is in a renowned musical movie, with an excellent singing and dancing. It attributes memorable songs like “Maria,” “I feeling Pretty,” “Somewhere,” and “America.” It additionally stars Natalie lumber in one of her most renowned roles.

While wood does her very own dancing in the film, she didn’t carry out her own singing. Or rather, she did her very own singing, and later uncovered out she had actually been dubbed in the film. Here’s what happened.

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Natalie timber takes a portrait | ernst Haas/Getty Images

The story of ‘West side Story’

West next Story began as a Broadway musical and then to be turned into a 1961 Hollywood musical film, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins.

It’s based on Romeo and also Juliet, yet rather 보다 the Montagues and Capulets, that is star-crossed lovers space from the feuding gangs that the Sharks and also the jets on the top West next of Manhattan, according to small Things.

Tony, a former Jet, and Maria, sister of the leader the the Sharks, fall in love. The cultural themes center about the conflict between the Puerto Rican Sharks and the white Jets.

Like Romeo and also Juliet, West side Story also ends in tragedy. Natalie wood was cast as Maria, the Juliet the West next Story. The film likewise starred Richard Beymer and also Rita Moreno.

Natalie Wood’s career

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Wood was born Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko ~ above July 20, 1938. Her an initial appearance top top film was in a small component in 1943’s Happy Land at age four.

She an initial became a star after her appearance in Miracle on 34th Street in 1947. Wood ended up being even much more famous when she co-starred in Rebel without a Cause through James Dean and also Sal Mineo in 1955, follow to Biography.com. She was nominated because that an Academy Award for her work-related in the film.

The same year as West side Story, Wood likewise starred in Splendor in the Grass (1961), through Warren Beatty, because that which she was nominated because that an Academy Award. In 1962, timber starred and sang in Gypsy, a musical about the stripper Gypsy rose Lee.

She co-starred in Bob and also Carol and Ted and Alice in 1969. She to be well-received in televised versions of Tennessee Williams’ Cat ~ above a warm Tin Roof in 1976 and also From below to Eternity in 1979.

After numerous unpopular films, Wood’s last film to be Brainstorm in 1981 through Christopher Walken. She drown in 1981 in a mysterious boating accident while with her husband Robert Wagner and co-star Walken.

Natalie Wood’s to sing in ‘West next Story’

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There’s fairly a little bit of to sing in West side Story, because it’s a musical. Wood believed she would certainly be doing most of her very own singing in the movie. She videotaped all her own songs in the studio through an orchestra, follow to NPR.

Wood did recognize that Marni Nixon had actually been hired to sing, yet she was under the impression that only some of the high notes would certainly be dubbed rather than all of her singing, follow to Stephen Cole, who co-authored Nixon’s memoirs, I might Have Sung every Night.

After lumber sang in the studio, Nixon would certainly then sing the exact same song end again. “Marni thought it was barbaric,” stated Cole, “because Natalie was not great and everyone would tell her she to be wonderful, she to be fabulous, discovering that they would not be utilizing her tracks.”

The relationship was no a friendly one between the two women. Nixon had much better relationships with Deborah Kerr and also Audrey Hepburn when she dubbed their singing in The King and I and My fair Lady.

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While it may have been an unpleasant shock to timber to discover that all her songs had been dubbed with Nixon’s voice, the film is quiet an enjoyable one because that viewers. Its shakespearean story and themes still have an influence and space paired through entertaining songs and dance numbers.