Natalie Morales is leaving NBC News to join embattled CBS display “The Talk,” an insider tells page Six.

On Friday, Morales sent out an e-mail to NBC staffers announcing she would certainly be leaving the network “for one exciting new opportunity” after more than two decades at the Peacock Network.

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“How perform you begin to say give thanks to you because that 22 remarkable years? I struggle to uncover the appropriate words and there are way too many world I need to thank for a wonderful job at NBC News,” Morales said in the email, derived by web page Six.

“I think earlier to my early on days cut my teeth at WVIT in Hartford, CT then acquisition the large — and at the moment — petrifying leap come MSNBC and alas — scoring the gold tickets come the ‘Today Show’ and ‘Dateline.’ never in a million year did ns imagine this as soon as I dreamed of what I wanted to be once I thrived up,” she wrote.

The everyday Mail an initial reported the news that Morales’ move to “The Talk.”

Morales was shuffled approximately for years at 30 rock — most notably landing at the gig together newsreader in ~ the “Today” present during the Matt Lauer years. In 2016, she left “Today,” and also headed come the West shore to anchor the network’s news magazine “Access Hollywood.” former “Extra” organize Mario Lopez eventually replaced she at “Access,” yet she continued to be on at NBC together the West coastline anchor that “Today” and correspondent because that “Dateline.”

(From left) Al Roker, Craig Melvin and also Natalie Morales ~ above “Today” show. NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

“To my ‘Dateline’ and ‘Today’ present families, it’s very hard come say goodbye … and we all recognize in this business it’s never ever goodbye yet see girlfriend later.I’m eternally thankful for the support and also deep friendships that will remain no issue where our courses lead.I have actually so lot to it is in thankful for and for every among you who helped me gain here… muchísimas gracias mis amigos,” she stated in the email.

She will proceed to appear on “Dateline” v the finish of the year, and “Today” will offer her a “proper farewell on-air” in the coming weeks, we’re told.

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Meanwhile, her brand-new home, the struggle CBS chat show the “Talk,” has been left in flux after ~ an on-air gyeongju row caused the ouster the co-host Sharon Osbourne and also another star, Elaine Welteroth, also announced she exit.