Among the terrible and also shocking story we’ve heard around Matt Lauer newly is a rumor around an affair that allegedly had with his previous Today co-star Natalie Morales. Natalie, who now is a host for Access Hollywood, left the well-known NBC morning present in 2016, and many think it had to execute with tensions acquiring hot in between her and also Matt. The two have denied the affair, however rumors, not surprisingly, continue to run rampant. Scroll under to read everything we know around Matt and also Natalie’s rumored affair.

Matt abruptly quit supporting Natalie

Shortly after she jumped delivery from Today, sources told Page Six the it was because her affair through the 60-year-old ended. “There’s speculation it’s one of the reasons why she’s moving… Matt didn’t desire to job-related with her,” an insider claimed at the time. Apparently, Matt was when one of Natalie’s best champions at NBC, but every one of a suddenly his support involved a halt. “There’s one awkwardness in between Matt and also Natalie,” the resource revealed. “He protected her for a long time and now that seems prefer something has actually gone awry.”

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Natalie support the woman that accused Matt of sex-related misconduct

Being that it’s a gossip show, Natalie had actually to talk about Matt’s scandal top top Access Hollywood Live — and also make no mistake around it; she fully supports the accuser. “The Today show, that course, has actually been my family for 16 years now and also it is difficult. I think anyone is speak how complicated it is to process the news,” she said. “I have actually personally dealt with rumors in the past 4 years the were hurtful to me, my family members — they lessened my tough work.” She then added, “That is no the story today, though. The story now is the ship of a colleague that did come forward, and when and if she wants to tell her story publicly, I’m sure she will. Yet it did take a many courage for she to come forward. It to be no doubt a very painful decision.”

Natalie’s husband grounding by her with the rumors

During the time rumors of the “affair” began surfacing, both Natalie and also Matt were married. Natalie has regulated to save her marriage to invest banker Joe Rhodes the end of the public, and also she ongoing to execute so throughout the Matt work media storm.

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Together, Natalie and also Joe share 2 sons together — Luke and also Josh — and also they’re still happy married come this day. Rumors be damned.