In June 2020, NASCAR announced the it to be banning the display of the Confederate flag, prompting rumors the other game day heritages were gift eliminated, too.

Published17 June 2020

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But NASCAR made no together announcements. Together of this writing, pre-race prayers, armed forces flyovers, and also the playing of the nationwide Anthem space still regular features the a NASCAR event.

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NASCAR announced its half on the Confederate flag top top their official website ~ above June 10, 2020. Our find of NASCAR’s website (as well together their social media pages) because that a comparable statement announcing the removal of the nationwide Anthem, pre-race prayers, and also military flyovers come up empty. 

Furthermore, NASCAR has currently hosted a gyeongju in the day’s following their Confederate flag ban. The Dixie Vodka 400, hosted on June 14, 2020, featured a pre-race prayer, the to sing of the national anthem, and also a army flyover. All three moments deserve to be watched in the adhering to video, starting around the four minute mark:

The pre-race invocation was ceded by Tony Boselli, a previous NFL player and COVID-19 survivor, and included a prayer for those who lives had been touched by racism. Boselli said:

I prayer for every separation, personal, instance that has actually been touched by racism. I pray that you bring healing to your lives. God i pray that every one of us live our lives with empathy, passion, and also love because that one another.

It should additionally be listed that NASCAR freshly removed its rules requiring team members come stand throughout the national anthem, a policy change that would allow racers to peacefully protest throughout the nationwide anthem. This change would not be needed, that course, if NASCAR to be truly removing the national anthem altogether.

We got to out to NASCAR, and also we’ll update this article if much more information i do not care available. 

Published17 June 2020

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