House speaker Nancy Pelosi tore a copy of chairman Donald Trump"s State that the Union speech in half Tuesday quickly after the concluded his attend to in the residence chamber.

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As is custom, trump card had provided Pelosi, D-Calif., a copy of his remarks before he began the speech. Yet as soon as he was finished and also while Republicans were cheering his remarks, she stood increase behind the president and ripped the speech files in half.

The unprecedented gesture was simply one of many signs the contention in between the two leaders and, much more broadly, among members of both political parties.

Earlier in the evening, after Trump got to the lectern before starting his remarks, that did not shake Pelosi"s outstretched hand. That went ~ above to provide a deeply partisan speech, prompting audible groans from democracy in attendance at various points as Republicans often cheered loudly and also chants that "four more years" rang out. At various other points when Trump to be speaking, Pelosi was viewed shaking her head.


Trump"s deal with comes amid his impeachment attempt in the Senate, which will certainly vote Wednesday and is widely supposed to acquit the president on two posts of impeachment: abuse of power and also obstruction the Congress.

Pelosi, leave the home floor, said she tore up the speech "because it was the courteous point to do, considering the alternative."

Speaker Pelosi simply ripped up:One of our last making it through Tuskegee Airmen.The survival of a kid born in ~ 21 weeks.The mourning families of Rocky Jones and also Kayla Mueller.A business member"s reunion with his family.That"s her legacy.

— The White house (

The White house responded to v scorn, explain Pelosi to be tearing increase the americans the president honored in his address.

Democrats will never stop extending the hand that friendship to obtain the project done #ForThePeople. Us will work-related to find common ground whereby we can, but will was standing our ground whereby we cannot. #SOTU

— Nancy Pelosi (

As tempers simmered ~ both leader left the house chamber, Pelosi approve a statement elaborating ~ above her troubles with Trump"s speech.

"We had been said the president would have actually a confident message on wellness care," Pelosi claimed in the statement. "However, president Trump"s address tonight offered no comfort to the 130 million Americans v pre-existing problems or the households struggling come afford the prescription drugs they need."

Pelosi accused trump card of no being truthful around his administration"s "actions in court to destroy pre-existing problem protections," and she accused him of skip a invoice approved by the house aimed in ~ lowering prescription drug prices.

"The declaration of mistruths gift in web page after page of the attend to tonight should be a speak to to activity for everyone that expects truth from the President and also policies worthy of his office and the American people," Pelosi said.

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At a autonomous caucus conference Wednesday, multiple sources inside the room told NBC News that Pelosi dubbed Trump"s resolve a "disgrace" and also accused him of transforming the speech right into a "reality show." other Democrats offered her a stand ovation for she remarks.