The Norwegian Nobel Committee has actually awarded the Nobel tranquility Prize for 1979 to mother Teresa.

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Thirty years back Mother Teresa left her teaching write-up at a roman inn Catholic girls’ institution in Calcutta in stimulate to devote her life come working among the poorest that the negative in the slums of that city.

The roman inn Catholic stimulate of i m sorry she is currently the head has in current years expanded its activities to encompass a variety of other Indian cities and also other parts of the world.

In making the compensation the Norwegian Nobel Committee has expressed its recognition of mommy Teresa’s work-related in bringing assist to experiencing humanity. This year the people has turned its attention to the plight of children and refugees, and also these are precisely the categories because that whom mom Teresa has actually for plenty of years operated so selflessly.

The Committee has actually placed special focus on the soul that has inspired her activities and i m sorry is the tangible expression of her an individual attitude and also human qualities.

A attribute of her work has actually been respect for the individual human being, because that his or her dignity and also innate value. The loneliest, the most wretched and also the dying have, at she hands, received compassion there is no condescension, based upon reverence because that man.

In mother Teresa’s case, this simple philosophy of life is steady rooted in she Christian faith. In Calcutta and also elsewhere, she has enlisted the assist of aides from other religious denominations. She has also been recognised by the Indian authorities and also by the oriental Secretary-General of the united Nations, the buddhist U Thant.

This is no the very first time the Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the tranquility Prize for work-related undertaken in the battle to get over poverty and also distress in the world, which likewise constitute a risk to peace. It has awarded the peace Prize to champions of human rights, consisting of those who have battled for racial equality.

In the eyes of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, constructive initiatives to perform away through hunger and also poverty, and to ensure for mankind much safer and far better world ar in which come develop, must be motivated by the heart of mother Teresa, by respect because that the worth and also dignity of the individual human being being.

Oslo, October 27, 1979

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