A text message where she wrote around "grandpa feelings" additionally came come light throughout the murder trial .

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There to be no blood connections that bound Morgan Freeman to his step-daughter E"Dena Hines. Yet the actor to be the one who increased her due to the fact that she to be a little girl. Hines had even worked on movies that starred Freeman prior to she was murdered in 2015.

E"Dena Hines came to be a part of Freeman"s life as soon as he was married come his first wife, Jeanette Bradshaw. Hines was Bradshaw"s granddaughter, born to Deena Adair that was Bradshaw"s daughter and Freeman"s step-daughter. ~ Freeman and also Bradshaw divorce in 1979, Freeman increased Hines through his second wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, together reported by The Sun.

For numerous years, rumors the Freeman gift romantically involved with Hines have swirled roughly but both that them refuse the claims. Speculations resurfaced once the male who murdered Hines alleged the the actor was having actually a "sexually inappropriate relationship" through his step-granddaughter.

The male who murdered 33-year-old Hines to be none various other than her friend at the time, Lamar Davenport that stabbed she 25 times exterior her structure in Manhattan, follow to brand-new York Post. His lawyers asserted that if it weren"t for the drugs the he to be on, that wouldn"t have actually murdered she in the brutal way that he did. "Mr. Davenport did not possess the will to death Ms. Hines," claimed therapist, Dr. Jeremy Colley in Davenport"s defense. "My opinion was that he lacked substantial capacity to evaluate the wrongfulness the his actions and also know the nature and aftermath of his conduct."

Talking around the connection Davenport and Hines, Colley additionally said, "Lamar admitted come me the they had actually a violent relationship. debates could be emotionally intense."

During the trial, Davenport"s defense team additionally spoke about Hines and Freeman have a sex-related relationship, stirring increase old rumors that have actually been going on prior to the murder took place. "E’Dena Hines disclosed to Lamar Davenport and also others that her grandfather engaged in a sexually inappropriate partnership with her," Beth Unger, Davenport’s lawyer claimed in court.

That"s once the therapist, Dr. Colley claimed that Davenport admitted how he and Hines would frequently argue around them cheating on every other and also being unfaithful.

In one instance where Davenport and also Hines were fighting around their infidelities and the troubled partnership they had with each other, one details text indigenous Hines was seen as suggestive that an illicit relationship in between her and Freeman, the guy who had actually raised her.

"I not ask him for advice," Hines composed in the text message that she sent out to Davenport on July 3, 2015, as quoted by new York daily News. "He was calling come ask me... I blocked him because that myself not for you because men that equal grandpa feel dont must be in mine life at all."

During the exact same conversation between Hines and Davenport via text, he composed to her, "when it come to... Your grandfather, there"s a submissive love that will constantly be there."

Previously, as soon as Hines to be alive, she and also Freeman spoke around rumors of your romantic relationship and denied the claims. "The recent reports of any type of pending marital relationship or romantic connection of me to anyone space defamatory fabrications from the tabloid media design to market papers. What is even much more alarming is that these fabrications are now being picked up through the legitimate push as well," Freeman said in a statement, together reported by TMZ.

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Hines had also released a statement the said, "These stories around me and also my grandfather are not only untrue, lock are likewise hurtful to me and also my family."

After Hines"s death and also the killing trial, Davenport was finally sentenced because that the killing, follow to web page Six. As soon as the judge provided him his sentence the 20 years, his mom started screaming in court and also had to be ushered out. She shouted come a reporter, "Morgan Freeman molested her and he led to this. He did this" and also insisted, "He’s innocent! It was an accident!"

His 20-year sentence was still seen as a victory for Davenport"s defense team because he was discovered guilty for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

"The people will never recognize her artistry and also talent, and how lot she had to offer," Freeman said about Hines after she death, according to People. "Her friends and family were fortunate enough to have known what she meant as a person. Her star will continue to bright bright in ours hearts, thoughts and prayers. May she remainder in peace."

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