In the 1980s, Molly Ringwald to be the most famous name in Hollywood. Prior to the era of “Arianators” and “Beliebers,” there was a team of fans known as the “Ringlets.” These people worshiped the red-haired starlet together their cinematic God.

But simply as she career began to flourish, Ringwald made decision to battered Hollywood. The reason behind she decision, unfortunately, is fairly upsetting. Keep analysis to find out what led the gibbs to leaving Hollywood for number of years.

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Deborah harry (L) and also Molly Ringwald (R) at Versace matches fashion display on march 27, 1996 | Catherine McGann/Getty Images

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Ringwald continues, revealing just how the experience resulted in an “out the body” experience. 

“I don’t recognize if the collar ever made it on me because that’s the closestly I’ve had actually to an out-of-body experience,” she writes. “I’d prefer to think the I simply walked out, but, much more than likely, yes an old VHS tape, disintegrating in a drawer somewhere, that me trying come remember lines v a dog collar roughly my neck in former of a young male I once had actually a crush on.”

“I sobbed in the parking lot,” she adds. “And, as soon as I obtained home and called my agent to tell that what happened, that laughed and also said, ‘Well, ns guess that’s one because that the memoirs.’ ns fired him and also moved come Paris not long after.

Ringwald relocated to Paris to experience a normal life

Molly Ringwald, Los Angeles, California, January 30, 1985 | Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images

Ringwald escaped Hollywood to endure a an ext ordinary life. An additional reason why Ringwald moved to Paris, was that she want to uncover what life was like exterior of the spotlight. In France, she might walk approximately without being recognized.

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Years later, she would proceed to act, showing up in TV reflects such asThe an enig Life the The American TeenagerandRiverdale.