Three year after "I have a Dream" and also the march on Washington, Dr. King talked v Mike Wallace around divisions in the Civil legal rights movement

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This weekend commemorates the 50th anniversary not simply of among the biggest speeches in American history -- Rev. Martin Luther King Jr."s "I have actually a Dream" -- but also vital turning allude in the civil rights movement, when a 4 minutes 1 of a million world marched top top Washington, D.C., to need equality for African Americans.

In one of the many stirring refrains of his speech, Dr. King told the crowd assembled prior to the Lincoln Memorial ~ above Aug. 28, 1963, around his dream:

I have actually a dream that my four small children will someday live in a country where they will not it is in judged by the color of their skin, however by the content of your character.

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The route to this dream, Dr. King said, should be with non-violence:

Again and again we have to rise to the majestic heights -- of meeting physical force with spirit force.

Three years later in 1966, in an interview through Mike Wallace, Dr. King ongoing to stress the path of non-violence, in spite of a summer of violence. Gyeongju riots were acquisition place across the country, and also rifts in the polite rights activity were widening. Militant leader - prefer Stokely Carmichael and also his speak to for "black power" -- demanded the the movement component from Dr. King"s gospel.

Despite together pressure, Dr. King would certainly not budge. He told Mike:

I compete that the cry that "black power" is, at bottom, a reaction come the reluctance the white strength to do the sort of transforms necessary to do justice a truth for the Negro. Ns think the we"ve got to check out that a lytic is the language the the unheard.

Dr. King combated on, non-violently, because that two more years. He to be assassinated ~ above April 4, 1968, the job after he gave his relocating "Mountaintop" decided in which that told a group in Memphis that he"d seen the "Promised Land" the a simply country, yet tragically predicted:

I may not obtain there through you, yet I desire you to know tonight that we, as a people, will acquire to the Promised Land.

Below is the text of Mike"s Sept. 27, 1966, interview through Dr. King because that CBS Reports.

REV. Young name LUTHER KING, JR. (speech): currently what I"m speak is this: i would prefer for all of us to think in non-violence, yet I"m here to to speak tonight the if every negro in the United claims turns versus non-violence, I"m going to stand up together a lone voice and say, "This is the wrong way!"

KING (interview): I will never adjust in my basic idea the non-violence is the many potent weapon available to the negro in his struggle for freedom and justice. I think because that the negro to revolve to violence would be both impractical and immoral.

MIKE WALLACE: There"s an progressively vocal minority that disagree entirely with her tactics, Dr. King.

KING: There"s no doubt about that. I will certainly agree the there is a group in the Negro community advocating violence now. I happen to feel that this group represents a number minority. Surveys have actually revealed this. The vast bulk of Negroes still feel that the best way to resolve the dilemma the we challenge in this country is through non-violent resistance, and I don"t think this vocal group will be able to make a real dent in the Negro community in terms of swaying 22 million Negroes to this certain point of view. And I contend that the cry that "black power" is, at bottom, a reaction come the reluctance that white strength to make the sort of changes necessary to make justice a reality for the Negro. I think the we"ve acquired to check out that a revolt is the language the the unheard. And, what is it the America has actually failed to hear? It has actually failed come hear that the economic plight that the Negro negative has worsened end the last few years.

WALLACE: How plenty of summers favor this execute you imagine the we can expect?

KING: Well, I would say this: we don"t have actually long. The mood of the Negro community now is among urgency, among saying that us aren"t going come wait. The we"ve obtained to have actually our freedom. We"ve waited too long. So the I would say the every summer we"re walk to have this kind of vigorous protest. My hope is that it will certainly be non-violent. I would hope the we can avoid riots due to the fact that riots room self-defeating and socially destructive. I would hope the we can avoid riots, but that we would be as militant and as figured out next summer and through the winter as we have actually been this summer. And I think the answer about how long it will certainly take will count on the federal government, on the city halls that our miscellaneous cities, and also on White America come a huge extent. This is wherein we room at this point, and I think White America will certainly determine exactly how long it will be and also which way we go in the future.

WALLACE: also Sen. Jacob Javits asked the concern recently. He said that he was a slum resident, but he and also some that his other Jews to be able to make it out of the ghetto on the lower eastern Side of new York. The very same thing is true with many Irish, Italians, and he request the inquiry why the black finds the so daunting to do his own means up out of the ghetto? you did.

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KING: Number one, no various other racial team has been a slave on American soil. It"s nice to say other people were down and they got up. They were not servants on American soil. The other thing is the the negro has had actually high visibility, and because that the prejudices currently in this nation his color has been against him. It"s been versus him and also they"ve offered this to keep him from relocating up. In the last analysis, when you say to a male that you room in this position due to the fact that of your race or due to the fact that of your color, girlfriend say to that man that he can never gain out the it. Various other racial groups have to be able maybe to adjust their accent or to adjust their names, yet the black can"t.