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Republican challenger Mitt Romney (centre) and also U.S. Pres. Barack Obama (right) debating throughout the 2012 presidential election.

U.S. Pres. Barack Obama (right) through Mitt Romney in the Oval Office the the White home on November 29, 2012, soon after Obama defeated Romney in the presidential election.

Later activities and U.S Senate

Although there to be speculation that Romney would phase a third presidential run, in 2015 that publicly proclaimed that he was not entering the 2016 race. However, he to be a notable presence throughout the campaign, becoming a vocal critic of Donald Trump, the eventual Republican nominee and also winner. In February 2018 Romney announced the he was running for the U.S. Senate seat in Utah the was gift vacated by the retiring Orrin Hatch. Regardless of their differences, Romney quickly received the proof of Trump. Although widely seen as the favourite candidate, Romney failed come secure his party’s nomination in a vote during the Utah Republican convention in April, necessitating a main election. However, he easily won that dispute two month later, and also in November 2018 he was elected to the Senate. Shortly prior to taking office in January 2019, Romney created an op-ed in i m sorry he was harshly an important of Trump, alleging the the chairman “has not climbed to the mantle the the office.” later that year the home of representatives impeached Trump over his actions involving Ukraine, charging him v abuse of power and also obstruction of Congress, and in early on 2020 the Senate held a trial. Trump card was conveniently acquitted, however Romney made history by vote to convict Trump of abusing his power, thereby coming to be the just U.S. Councilor to vote for the removal of a chairman from his own party. However, that acquitted trump card on the charge of obstructing Congress.

In the 2020 presidential election, trump was defeated by Joe Biden, who had actually served as Obama’s vice president. Trump and also various Republicans, however, challenged the results, alleging widespread voter fraud regardless of a lack of evidence. Romney condemned those claims as “reckless.” ~ above January 6, 2021, he and also other members of conference met come certify Biden’s win, but the proceedings were temporarily halted when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. When Congress reconvened hours later, Romney gave a decided in which that accused trump of inciting the deadly siege. ~ above January 13, one week prior to the end of Trump’s presidency, the residence of representatives impeached Trump because that “incitement the insurrection.” at the Senate psychological the adhering to month, Romney and also six other Republicans joined v Democrats to poll for Trump’s conviction; the previous president, however, to be acquitted.

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