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Says Mitch McConnell was cured the polio once he to be a child by government-funded care and now he’s trying to take the same treatment away from millions of Americans


Did the United states government fund Mitch McConnell"s care and also rehabilitation ~ he to be diagnosed through polio together a young child?

The brief answer is no.

A recently common Facebook post makes the claim, though, and also reads:.

"As a kid, Mitch McConnell had actually polio, and the government paid for all of his care and rehabilitation. Now, together the leader that the republic in the Senate, McConnell is acquisition government-funded care away from tens of millions of Americans. Let the sink in."

The write-up was flagged as component of Facebook’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation top top its News Feed. (Read much more about our partnership through Facebook.)

It is true that McConnell to be diagnosed through polio when he to be young, together he lays out in his 2016 memoir "The lengthy March." His treatment was no paid for by the government, yet through charity donations.

McConnell was diagnosed with polio in 1944 at the period of 2, nearly 10 years prior to the polio vaccine was developed. In his memoir, McConnell composed that that received treatment in heat Springs, Ga., in ~ the polio treatment center founded by president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had suffered native the disease.

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David Oshinsky, historian and also author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book "Polio: one American Story," said gendergeek.org in an e-mail that no government money was connected in the warmth Springs, Ga., treatment center. It to be "all voluntary personal contributions."

The rumor surfaced on society media in June 2017 together Senate Republicans, led by McConnell, took procedures to repeal and also replace president Barack Obama’s Affordable treatment Act.