Just like so many other country music stars (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and also Lauren Alaina, to surname a few), Miranda Lambert was got her start in country music top top a singing competition show.

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You might remember very first seeing Miranda, 34, do her debut top top American Idol"s rival country show, Nashville Star, earlier in 2003. The nation singer-songwriter and also Texas native showed up on the very an initial season of the USA network show. She was simply 19 at the time, however she was currently wowing the judges and also audience through her powerhouse voice and songwriting skills.

On the show, fans obtained to watch a teenage Miranda do a tune she co-wrote through her dad, “Greyhound Bound because that Nowhere.” She also opened up around drawing impetus from her parents" careers as private investigators, and also what that was like to create music through her minimal life experience (this to be long before her marriage and also divorce native Blake Shelton).

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The show"s judges, music reporter Robert K. Oermann, Rounder records Vice chairman Tracy Gershon, and also singer Charlie Robison, knew she would certainly be big, even 15 year ago. “The reason we choose the civilization to it is in in this challenge is due to the fact that they all are writers, and America, you simply heard among the ideal of them best there,” Robert stated after her performance.

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While Miranda walk not victory the very first season (Buddy Jewell won and she came in 3rd place), she did make it to the finale and and walked away v a record deal. And following she appearance top top the series (which later presented us to chris Young and also Kacey Musgraves), her first album, Kerosene, debuted at #1 top top Billboard"s Top country Albums chart.


Her exceptional performance and also songwriting talent make it clean she to be destined for country music fame from the get-go. It"s no wonder she"s because racked up lots of awards and is currently up because that Female Vocalist the the Year at this weekend"s ACM Awards!

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