Miranda Lambert and also Blake Shelton to be a enhance made in country music sky ... Until they weren"t. The duo began dating in 2006, acquired married in 2011, and also it was all over by 2015. As In Touch Weekly reported, the demise of Lambert and Shelton"s partnership played out very publicly in the press. Although we still don"t really recognize why they finished things, rumors have circulated because that years around infidelity — their relationship began with cheating, as well — and the strain of long distance, perpetuated by their contending music careers.

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"This is no the future we envisioned. And also it is with heavy hearts the we relocate forward separately," they provided in a joint statement announcing the break-up (via In Touch Weekly). 

Although the country stars have due to the fact that found love somewhere else — Blake with fiancée Gwen Stefani and Miranda through husband Brendan McLoughlin (via nation Living), an insider close come Lambert told In Touch the she now looks back and wonders, "What was ns doing with Blake?" maybe their different opinions on children contributed come the divorce?

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There was a time once Miranda Lambert and also Blake Shelton"s connection seemed untouchable. In fact, while speaking to world in 2011, Shelton expressed his desire to have children ASAP. "When I view my mom and also dad v their grandkids and that relationship down the road, that"s what I"m looking front to more than anything," he said. "That family and also those generations and also being ~ above that end of things." 

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Just a year later, however, Lambert pointed out that timing is everything. "That"s the one thing I really desire to setup the right way, due to the fact that I don"t want to have children and also raise them on a aircraft or a bus," she stated (via People). "Right now, we"re both in ~ our peak and having a blast, and I don"t think either one of us thinking about changing a thing."

As Gossip Cop notes, damning reports emerged in 2020 the Lambert was planning to have actually a baby v husband Brendan McLoughlin come get ago at her ex. Allegedly, Shelton to be the one who didn"t desire to have actually children, despite this appears inaccurate since "The Voice" star is reportedly looking come have kids with current love Gwen Stefani sooner quite than later (via Cheat Sheet). 

No "revenge baby" materialized, that course, despite a source told ET in 2019 the Lambert is eager to start a family members with McLoughlin. All points considered, it appears the timing just wasn"t ideal for Lambert and Shelton.