Blake Shelton shaded his ex-wife Miranda Lambert in April 2018 when he tweeted, "Been acquisition the high roadway for a long time.. I virtually gave up. However I can lastly see something on the horizon up there!! Wait!! could it be?! Yep!! It"s karma!!" This to be a job after Us Weekly broke the news that Lambert was date Evan Felker.

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As a fast explainer, Felker is a member that Turnpike Troubadours, Lambert"s opening act in ~ the time. Supposedly, lock "started security a lot much more time together while top top the road" and while Lambert was in a relationship through Anderson East. Lambert started dating eastern in 2015, a couple of months after splitting from Shelton. While the timeline that Lambert and Felker"s partnership is muddled, there was speculation that she and also East to be on the rocks, since they"d quit posting around each other.

To do matters more complicated, Felker was married to Staci Nelson Felker, through a resource claiming Staci "had no other choice but to paper for divorce" and also was "devastated." In may 2018, In Touch reported Lambert posted on Instagram Story, "PSA: If Staci Felker deserve to make it through this week, so can you." Lambert announced she to be "happily single" to The Tennessean by august 2018. However, that all changed in November 2018 when she met Brendan McLoughlin. She revealed they obtained married in a February 2019 Instagram.

They"ve appeared happy ever before since, but there"s a lot of tea come spill once it pertains to Lambert"s an alleged cheating scandals.

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert met in 2005 at CMT"s 100 greatest Duets Concert. Shelton was married to his first wife, Kaynette Williams. Lambert recognized this during a 2011 Dateline interview through Hoda Kotb when she confessed, "I knew he was married," recalling, "I had actually seen their wedding snapshot in Country Weekly. I knew better, like, this is turn off limits. My parents are personal investigators for God"s sake. I"ve watched this my entirety life – affairs. The all human being to know better, ns know much better than this."

During a 2011 episode of Behind the Music, Shelton talked around meeting Lambert, heralding (per Entertainment Weekly), "I"ve never had that type of suffer with anybody." The Voice judge remarked, "I to be a married guy, girlfriend know? Standing increase there and singing through somebody and also going, "Man, this shouldn"t be happening." Looking earlier on that, i was fall in love with her, appropriate there top top stage." Lambert claimed, "It was similar to this draw to each other. It was just sort that this unavoidable chemistry."

Once again, the timeline is confusing, through Lambert joking the "it"s to be three long years already" during a 2008 CMT News interview, i beg your pardon would mean their connection started increase in 2005 — no 2006 when Shelton and Williams filed for divorce. Ironically, Shelton sustained rumors the Lambert cheated top top him when he released the 2016 tune "She"s got a means With Words," where he sang around a "lying" and "cheating" ex.

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Back in in march 2015, Radar Online reported Miranda Lambert and also country singer kris Young were "acting like a couple" and "were really into each other" in ~ a Nashville bar. Young to be Lamber"s opened act during her tour in 2012. An inside source told the website, "Miranda and also Chris" bond has bothered on occasion, however he doesn"t think anything significant is going on."

In July 2015, Young handle the affair rumors by publication a statement to Twitter, writing, "I don"t normally address gossip yet in this instance I will. Mine name has been mentioned as a contributing aspect in Blake and Miranda"s divorce. The is totally FALSE. They space both my friends and also I would certainly not betray that friendship. Just wanted to clear the up."

Young additionally discussed the cheating insurance claims during an respectable 2015 interview with Entertainment Tonight, admitting, "Man it sucks that I gained put in this situation with two human being who space my friends. It"s simply so weird acquiring pulled into something like that wherein it simply wasn"t true." He shared, "I have not viewed them, I"ve certainly texted and also called both of them" since the cheating rumors began. Ironically, he added, "I remained in touch through Blake all day that day," express the day the story broke. 

Even in the middle of infidelity allegations, Young controlled to preserve his friendships through Lambert and also Shelton, remarking, "They"re both really good friends still, for this reason it"s just one of those things."

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Although Blake Shelton was married when he met Miranda Lambert, it"s unclear once Shelton and also Lambert"s romance actually started. However, the love triangle perpetuated in the media might"ve actually been a square — or at the very least that"s what Lambert"s ex-fiancé Jeff Allen McManus claims.

In April 2018, Us Weekly reported McManus post (and deleted) a an answer to Shelton"s "karma" tweet: "You know, i"ve always given friend the advantage of the doubt and chalked it increase to just being human, but you have to be one arrogant SOB to pop off something choose this, as soon as I know damn an excellent and fine you to be cheating on her wife and Miranda to be cheating top top me once you two started up." one more deleted tweet read, "I kept my mouth shut because that 13 years. Sorry, his karma tweet rubbed me wrong. Every one of this is pointless."

McManus speak to Radar Online about Lambert and Shelton"s alleged affair and Shelton"s Twitter shade, remarking, "I"d opened up shows for him and knew people roughly town that knew him and I"d just never claimed anything. However his tweet simply rubbed me up so much.

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" the declared, "I"m sure Miranda walk dirty just like she walk me, but he wasn"t thinking around me once he was cheating v her, so ns don"t know why he thinks it"s karma."

Lambert prefers to keep her love life private, but that won"t stop world from speculating and also throwing shade, specifically her exes.