Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown were a enhance made in Gen-Z heaven — at least, because that a couple of months. 

The two first sparked romance rumors in October 2017 when the tween queen posted a photo of Sartorius on her Instagram story, together reported by Us Weekly. By January 2018, the two were subtly flirting over social media. Top top Jan. 8, 2018, Sartorius tweeted out, "Just another day friend on mine mind." And, of course, pan noticed the Brown favored the tweet. The actress reverted the low-key love on society media ~ above Jan. 12, 2018, once she posted a snap ~ above Instagram stop a teddy bear through the caption, "Thanks for the bear." Sartorius favored the photo and also commented, " course," as noted by Us Weekly. Ahh, young love. 

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Just a couple of weeks later, Brown threw fist to the wind and totally exposed the relationship with a black-and-white selfie of the two cuddled up through a day stamp that Dec. 31, 2017. Follow to Us Weekly, the couple spent new Year"s eve 2018 at the happiest ar on earth — Walt Disney human being — with the Stranger Things star"s family. When Valentine"s Day rolled around, the two had nothing however love for each other and they didn"t care who knew. 

In despite the of all the social media love (most of which has due to the fact that been deleted), it seems that points weren"t going quite also between the 2 as castle would have actually their followers believe. Sartorius and Brown broke up after much less than a year together. For this reason what was going top top behind the scenes of this picture-perfect relationship? 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
On July 31, 2018, Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown announced they"d called that quits via their Instagram stories, together reported by Billboard. Because, apparently, that"s what the children are doing these days. In matching statements, the exes promised pan it wasn"t a messy break-up. Brown wrote, "The decision through Jacob and also I was fully mutual. We are both happy and also remaining friends" (via People). 

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So one of two people they are the two most mature teens the human being has ever before known or over there was an ext to their separation than meets the eye. In fact, Sartorius" alleged hike eye might have played a part in their demise. The pair hit a unstable patch around halfway through their relationship when the Vine star was accused the pressuring pan to send the nudes, according to Refinery29 – other his reps have due to the fact that formally denied. Over there were additionally reports that Sartorius asked for nudes from a girl who was on the set of among his music videos, Morgan Cryer — shady stuff. Follow to Girlfriend, amidst the cheating rumors, Brown did a move of she Instagram — removing any and also all traces the the singer from she account, despite the two stars later showed up to reconcile. Still, that doesn"t seem choose Brown"s to trust for Sartorius ever fully returned, seeing as the breakup came simply three months later. 

Unfortunately, it renders sense the their partnership is over, as we never really thought it to be going come last long in the very first place.