Miley Cyrus, among several famous names that vowed to leave the United says if Donald Trump
Donald TrumpTrump slams McConnell, says senator need to attend Biden signing ceremony former Trump administration aide states she was warned about playing Taylor Swift music in White house Trump encounters legal difficulties in keeping documents from Jan. 6 committee an ext won the election, is currently singing a various tune, calling the "ignorant" come hightail it out of the country since of the president.

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“I’m not f---ing leaving the country, that’s part ignorant shit, it is dumb,” Cyrus, 24, says in one interview through NME published Friday.

“Because that’s me abandoning my nation when i think I’ve gained a great thing come say to mine country. And trust me, i hear every day on mine Instagram, ‘Just leaving already! when are you going come leave?’ Well, that’s not going come be any good.”

Back in in march 2016, Cyrus wrote to her virtually 72 million pendant on Instagram the Trump, “Honestly f--- this shit i am moving if this is my president! ns don’t say points I nothing mean.”


“Does it really matter where ns am?” the “Malibu” singer stated in her NME interview. “Because wherever ns am, mine f---ing voice is gonna be heard, and I’ll make certain of it.”

Asked if she regretted do the remark around escaping overseas if Trump make it come the White House, she replied, “I didn’t leaving the country.”

Cyrus was one of several performers that pledged to exit the U.S. Pending a trump card win but have remained put, consisting of actress Lena Dunham, Netflix talk display host Chelsea Handler, and also Samuel L. Jackson, amongst others.

The politically energetic singer — that hit the project trail because that Hillary Clinton

Hillary Diane Rodham ClintonManchin states he has "no idea" if he"ll operation for reelection in 2024 after ~ a misfire in new Jersey, pollster offers a impressive apology for error Three males indicted for fraud in .5 million cheat PAC scheme an ext last year — likewise revealed that among the songs on her brand-new album is one ode come the former autonomous presidential nominee.

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“Well, ‘Inspired’, I wrote that because that Hillary Clinton I’m no fighting fire with fire, hate v hate. Ns fighting hate with love,” Cyrus said.

“I’m law this concert this main in Vegas and also for ‘Party In The USA’ the screens will to speak ‘education’ and also ‘healthcare’ and also ‘equality’, ‘justice’, ‘freedom’, ‘liberation’, ‘expression’. These things room what make up our country,” the entertainer added. “It’s no a party in the USA if the filled v hate, discrimination, walls, violence, every these things.”