Mike Tyson is known for his many whims, but perhaps one of the worst amongst them was maintaining pet tigers in his house.

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The legendary boxer had three Bengal tigers together pets end the years. Lock were called Boris, Storm and also Kenya. He had the one called Kenya because that 16 years, and also she was more than likely the closest to Mike Tyson. However, he had actually to provide up his lovely wild feline after ~ she struck a trespasser and brutally hurt her, for which Mike Tyson had actually to pay a compensation that $250,000.

In a 2019 society media Q&A session v GQ Sports, Mike Tyson shared what had happened come his pet tiger, or at least one that them. The turned out that had actually to provide the wild cat up, together she shed her vision and also strength in her hips.

"At one time, ns did have actually a pets tiger. Her name was Kenya, and also she was roughly 550 pounds. I had an excellent affection for her. I retained her; ns slept with her; I preserved her in mine room. She continued to be with me. I had her for most likely sixteen years. She was a enormous monster. You can"t imagine the dimension of her," Mike Tyson had said."She acquired too old, and I had actually to remove her. Her eyes and also her hip obtained bad. And she ripped somebody"s eight off," continued Tyson.

Mike Tyson"s tigers likewise starred in the superhit 2009 move The Hangover, which was shot in ~ his luxurious las Vegas mansion.

How walk Mike Tyson get his Bengal tigers?

The story of just how Mike Tyson ended up with three tigers is likewise quite interesting. Follow to his own account, Mike Tyson purchase them as soon as they were cubs as soon as he to be behind bars in beforehand 1990s over sexual attack allegations, which he still denies.

"This is yes, really interesting. I’m in jail at the time. So ns in prison, I’m talk to my auto dealer at the time and he has some cars that belong come a (mutual friend), and he’s pointing out ‘If he doesn’t pay because that these cars, i’m going to market these cars come somebody and also get part horses.’ I stated ‘What, girlfriend can gain horses? and also trade equines in because that cars?’ since I had actually a most cars, I’d probably gain some steeds too." and also he claimed ‘Yeah man, friend can get cougars, lions, tigers…’ I claimed ‘You do?! can you gain me part tigers?’ The guy said ‘Imagine, just how cool that would certainly be?’ since I had a bunch of fancy cars, ‘Imagine that man, you’d be in one Aston young name or a Ferrari. You’d have a tiger right beside you, man. That’d be so awesome,’" claimed Mike Tyson.

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Mike Tyson continued in this regard:

"And i’m a young guy. I’m saying come myself ‘wow, that would be cool. Gain me part cubs, man." and then I come home, and those cubs were ideal there waiting for me."

Mike Tyson v his pets tiger Kenya in the 90s. Pic.twitter.com/grPajxtD7z

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Mike Tyson reportedly spent more than $70,000 on every tiger and also then practically $200,000 per year for your feeding and also other requirements. Together per The Richest, Mike Tyson also paid a lining $125,000 come train the tigers for domestic living.