The "Jersey Shore" star, recognized by his nickname "The Situation," was arrested in addition to his brothers Marc and charged through multiple taxes offenses involving nearly $9 million in income in 2014. In January that 2018, he pleaded guilty to one counting of evading count on $123,000 in income. The 37-year-old is reserved to finish his eight-month prison sentence tomorrow. 

But what has The instance been as much as during his time behind bars? Here space some details of exactly how Sorrentino"s been safety his days away native the shore.

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He obtained hitched before hitting the large house

Some might call that "a hitchuation."

Before arriving for jail in January, Sorrentino celebrated one that his critical days that freedom by marrying longtime girlfriend Lauren Pesce top top Nov. 1.

Since the wedding, i beg your pardon was displayed on "Jersey coast Family Vacation" in August, Lauren has documented prison visits through her hubby on Instagram.

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He"s rubbed shoulders v the Fyre Festival scammer and Jennifer Lawrence"s nudes hacker

Sorrentino isn"t the just famous confront at the federal Correctional Institution, Otisville in brand-new York.

Other huge names behind bars there encompass famed Fyre Festival hoaxer Billy McFarland and also former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, follow to Insider and the brand-new York Post. Forbes ranked the medium-security prison, about 80 mile from brand-new York City, one that the 10 cushiest prisons in America in 2009.

Sorrentino"s "Jersey Shore" co-stars Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D opened up about their friend"s other inmates on "The Jenny McCarthy Show" in April.

"He"s in there with the guy from the Fyre Festival," Guadagnino said. "And he"s in there with the guy that leaked Jennifer Lawrence"s nudes, the hacked she phone."

"They play Scrabble together," added Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio.

As to what Sorrentino might have debated with his fellow celeb criminals, his co-stars left it up to the imagination.

"Imagine what he"s learning in there from every these guys," Guadagnino said.

"He"s learning how to hack phones," DelVecchio joked.

Even in prison, Sorrentino"s mailbox has been busy.

Two days after his sentence began, Sorrentino"s wife offered one update v his Twitter account.

"Hi Everyone,it’s Lauren," she wrote. "Mike would prefer to thank every one of his fans worldwide for the unbelievable outpouring the love & support.We speak everyday & he’s doing great."

According to the pair of tweets, Sorrentino has received therefore many letters from pan he can"t write back to castle all.

"He’s received thousands of letters, that won’t have the ability to respond come everyone but wanted come express his gratitude … to each and also everyone the you," she wrote. "Thank girlfriend from the both the us; it is truly heartwarming to have this support during this time. Numerous Love, Michael & Lauren Sorrentino"

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He"s been cheering top top his castmates native jail

Guadagnino said ET in July the The instance is keeping up through them from a prison TV.

"He watch refreshed. And his attitude never changes," the said. "Like, we email him and I always think that at some point he"s walk to it is in like, "Not having actually a good day." He"s constantly making me laugh, he"s like, "Yo, I experienced you top top TMZ," due to the fact that they watch TV and stuff. He"s quiet our best supporter." 

Guadagnino added his friend likewise keeps up his hairstyle along with his health.

"He"s doing better than me. That literally, like, eats well, that goes to the gym double a day. He it s okay a haircut twice a week," that said.

Snooki says he"s "probably gonna come the end ripped"

Just due to the fact that Sorrentino"s in jail doesn"t mean he"s stopped taking care of himself. 

Co-star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi told E! in April to watch out for The Situation"s post-prison bod.

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"He"s in the gym a lot, therefore he"s most likely gonna come the end ripped," she said. "You know, he"s no gonna be BDS anymore – big Daddy Sitch. He"s gonna have actually his, probably, six-pack again. However he"s law … he"s doing great in there."

Polizzi additionally said Sorrentino"s been making the many of his situation.

"Mike"s having the time of his life," she said. "It"s favor he"s in a senior home. He"s playing bingo. He"s helping people recover in jail. We all talk to him with an email, therefore I speak to him, like, as soon as a week."

She added: "He"s helping other human being out v sobriety. That loves bingo and all of his Scrabble games. And he"s functioning out."

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