Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and also wife Lauren Sorrentino (née Pesce) have faced quite a few "situations" throughout their love story. The 2 actually met way prior to the MTV cameras came to be a fixture of their lives, and they had actually to walk through numerous ups and also downs to get to whereby they space today. As Mike called People in October 2018, "We walk out with each other for around four years, and also then as soon as Jersey Shore began we made decision to take a rest throughout seasons 1-6. As soon as it was over, we eventually reconnected and also have to be together ever since." Lauren and also Mike have been there because that each other through the great and the bad, the fist pumps and also the rate bumps, and the mistakes and also the Funfetti cakes.

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And currently that they are around to begin a new, diaper-adorned thing of their relationship, we wanted to take it a deep dive into their relationship and also marriage to see how they walk from university sweethearts to parents-to-be. For this reason let"s acquire into the marriage of Mike and Lauren Sorrentino — or as they contact themselves, "The Situations."

It"s no an enig that Mike and Lauren Sorrentino space an adorable pair and share tons of your sweet PDA moments on social media. Yet what part fans could not understand is that these two actually met in math course in college back in 2004. As soon as the pair spoke to Us Weekly around the at an early stage days of their partnership in 2015, Mike revealed that as soon as he first joined the actors of Jersey Shore, he had just acquired out the a multiple-year partnership with Lauren. 

Lauren claimed after castle graduated, their post-collegiate endeavors took them in two very different directions. "I entered the occupational world and also he went into fitness modeling and also then Jersey Shore," she shared, noting that they were "on an excellent terms" after they split. She said the outlet, "I to be nothing however happy because that him. We were on ours own various paths in life. Timing is everything." yet she also included that she didn"t watch lot of Jersey Shore due to the fact that she "didn"t like a many the things he did."

While there to be many challenges along the way, the two now look ago at their four years with each other in university fondly through posting lots of throwbacks on social media. Mike also took part in 2020"s "how it started vs. Just how it"s going" meme, share a pic that he and also Lauren took back when they very first started date alongside a an ext recent snap.

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The saying "if it"s meant to be, it will be" definitely seems to use to Mike and also Lauren Sorrentino. The two discovered their way back to each other after Mike perfect filming Jersey Shore (for the an initial time), and evidently, the timing was simply right. Lauren said Us Weekly that they had actually remained "in touch" end the year after they damaged up and that she was "nothing however happy" because that Mike"s success. Funny enough, it to be a classic GTL (gym, tan, laundry... Duh) run-in that resulted in them getting ago together. Only in Jersey!

In might 2019, Lauren said Too Fab that about a year ~ the last season of Jersey Shore"s initial run, "she ran right into Mike in ~ a new Jersey gym." As she recalled to the outlet, the two "picked up wherein they left off." The two dated for fairly a few years after lock got back together, and things were serious sufficient that Mike even ended up offering Lauren a promise ring.

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Not lengthy after Mike Sorrentino and also Lauren Pesce got back together, the 2 dove right into the truth TV people together. In 2015, the pair made your Marriage boot Camp debut wherein they functioned on countless issues, consisting of Sorrentino"s battle with seeks to prescription painkillers. The Jersey Shore star revealed to People the he gained "100 percent" sober after check himself right into rehab because that the second time. He described that when he had actually been sober in the past, his addiction resurfaced ~ a physician prescribed him v painkillers for a rib injury.

Sorrentino called Us Weekly the they felt like they to be "definitely a stronger couple" after their time on the show. "They simply teach you specific tools in order to better the relationship," that shared. "It was a entirely different suffer for me. It certainly was an eye-opener for sure. The made me vulnerable and also open up. Us learned a lot about each other." and ever because this experience, Sorrentino"s other half has celebrated his sobriety landmarks on society media with captions like, "I"m therefore proud the this guy
mikethesituation ns love girlfriend forever!!! #2yearssober." In December 2020, he mutual on Instagram the he reached 5 years of sobriety.

Mike and also Lauren Sorrentino chose to take your love indigenous the TV screen to the digital display screen when they introduced their own YouTube channel called The Situations. On your channel, i m sorry was released in 2018, they provide viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your lives and also cover everything from plastic surgery to home renovations. And, that course, there"s lots the food content. Mike and also Lauren have a collection called "Eating Our ideal Lives through The Situations" wherein they take it viewers ~ above their quick food cheat job adventures. And they don"t hold ago with the mukbangs; sometimes, the pair orders one of everything that"s on the menu. Try getting through one of those episodes without wanting to go hit up a drive-thru. (Spoiler alert: It"s almost impossible.)

As far as these two room concerned, the seems favor working with each other works. Mike and Lauren room partners in life and also in business, and it has actually been fairly the successful, um... Situation. In in march 2020, as their YouTube channel continued to thrive to over 185k subscribers, Mike and Lauren likewise launched a podcast. Titled "Here"s the Sitch through Mike and Lauren," the display "offers increase advice on healthy and balanced living, fitness, recovery from addiction, and also much more," every the podcast description. Few of the object they"ve spanned so far encompass responding come negativity, handling failure, human body image, and growing with pain. If friend love The instances you"ll love gaining to hear lock talk about these topics because that an hour straight on your podcast.

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In early 2018, Mike Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce announced your engagement, and in June of that year, fans acquired to see the minute play out on Jersey Shore: family members Vacation. "I"ve been wanting to obtain to this day for therefore long," Sorrentino said on the proposal episode. (via People). "And right now, I"m feeling favor all these negative times the I"ve been through, it"s all worth it because that this moment right here." While acquiring down on one knee, Sorrentino claimed to Pesce, "You"re my ideal friend, my college sweetheart, my much better half. You do me a far better person. Please do me the happiest male on earth. Will you you re welcome marry me?" She claimed yes, he placed the reportedly $65,000 ring on she finger.

As People noted, Mike likewise opened up in the episode around the time of the proposal. When talking to his other Jersey Shore castmate vinny Guadagnino, Mike stated that he had wanted to popular music the question as quickly as possible to make certain he "locked down a great girl" before he had to head to prison. Mike described that looking front to a life through Lauren would help him acquire through his jail time. "Lauren is the irradiate at the finish of mine tunnel," he claimed (via People). "Lauren is mine everything, Lauren is my best friend, she is mine soulmate, she is my better half. And also knowing that I found that, I"m willing to face anything in life."

Similar to their engagement, Mike and Lauren Sorrentino mutual their wedding suffer with pan on Jersey Shore: household Vacation through the majority of the cast in attendance. As Us Weekly reported, Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio, beanie Guadagnino, and also Ronnie Ortiz-Magro were all groomsmen, and also Jenni "JWoww" Farley and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi"s daughters handled the flower girl duties. Lauren told the outlet that they consider their Jersey Shore co-stars" youngsters "are choose nieces come us."

Distractify reported that the event at The legacy Castle in new Jersey ran the couple a whopping six figures. After the huge night, Mike told Us Weekly that the venue was "fit for a king and a queen," and also by all accounts, that sounds choose things went off without a sitch, er, hitch. "I can"t believe that us were able come pull off such one unbelievably beautiful wedding prefer that," that said. "We"re ~ above cloud nine ideal now." He likewise took come Instagram calling their wedding the "Best work of my Life."

Mike announced on Instagram that two chose to gain married in November 2018 prior to he had actually to report to jail in January of the adhering to year. And around the moment of their large day, a resource told Us Weekly the he "really desires to spend as lot time as he can with Lauren" and also called the wedding "a good distraction for him."

In 2018, TMZ reported Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino to be sentenced to eight months in jail for taxation fraud. As CNN noted, he "pleaded guilty to taxes evasion and also concealing income, stemming native a 2014 indictment for falsifying business and personal tax returns between 2010 and also 2012." He also had to covering out $10,000 and was notified to perform 500 hrs of ar service. And Lauren Sorrentino to be there because that him v it all. "It"s been very stormy for a while. The odds were against me. World bet against me," Mike called People. "But against all odds, she"s to be there transparent the ups and also downs, the great times and the poor times."

After the case was exit from prison, his very an initial post earlier on Instagram was a photo of himself, Lauren, and their dog Mosey. "Living my finest life with my beautiful wife," Sitch wrote. In the picture, Mike is in a shirt native his merch line that reads, "The comeback is constantly greater 보다 the setback." Lauren shared the exact same photo, adding some Maren Morris lyrics: "The residence don"t fall when the skeletal are an excellent welcome residence honey." The articles were flooded with fans sending out their well-wishes, through comments like "Welcome residence Mike, happy to see the fam back together again" and also "so proud that you, congrats on gift done. Welcome earlier Sitch!"

Mike and Lauren Sorrentino have always opened increase their stays to fans, and that certain didn"t change when they found out they were going to be parents. In November 2020, both Lauren and also Mike required to social media to share their baby announcement and wrote, "Our greatest blessing is on its way." They also tagged their child"s Instagram account, 
itsbabysituation. And also not long after this interesting announcement, the Sorrentinos revealed another upgrade on baby Situation"s account: "IT"S official – I"M A infant BOY."

This interesting pregnancy news comes about a year after Lauren obtained real about experiencing a destructive loss soon after Mike to be released indigenous prison. During a November 2019 figure on Strahan, Sara & Keke, Lauren said, "At about six and half, seven weeks, i miscarried ... It to be heart-wrenching ... Once I uncovered out we were pregnant, ns felt choose this is why us went through all these challenges for years and also that this to be our time and also it to be our blessing ... It was hard. The was really difficult." 

Fans couldn"t it is in happier that the instances are expecting a baby; civilization flooded the Sorrentinos" pregnant announcement and also gender reveal write-ups with love and also support. Hey, if over there was ever before an chance to advanced a glass of Funfetti cake!