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See also: an individual Gain index (U.S. Congress)

The personal Gain index (U.S. Congress) is a two-part measurement the illustrates the level to i m sorry members the the U.S. Congress have prospered throughout their tenure as public servants. It consists of two various metrics:

Based on conference financial disclosure forms and calculations made easily accessible by, Pence"s network worth together of 2010 was estimated in between $11,015 and also $169,000. That averages come $90,007.50, i beg your pardon was lower than the mean net worth of Republican to represent in 2010 that $7,561,133.<22> between 2004 and 2012, Pence"s calculated network worth<23> boosted by an mean of 155 percent every year. Between 2004 and 2014, the average annual percentage increase for a member the Congress to be 15.4 percent.<24>

Mike Pence Yearly network Worth YearAverage net Worth
Growth indigenous 2004 come 2012:1,238%
Average annual growth:155%<25>
Comparatively, the American citizen competent a average yearly decrease in net worth of -0.94%.<26>
The data used to calculate transforms in net worth may include alters resulting native assets got through marriage, inheritance, changes in household estates and/or trusts, transforms in family service ownership, and also many various other variables unrelated come a member"s actions in Congress.2011 national Journal vote ratingsSee also: national Journal poll ratings

Each year, national Journal published an analysis of exactly how liberally or conservatively every member of conference voted in the ahead year. Pence ranked 19th in the conservative rankings in 2011.<27>

Voting v party2011

Mike Pence voted with the Republican Party 94 percent that the time, i beg your pardon ranked 74th amongst the 242 home Republican members together of November 2011.<28>


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Pence on domestic affairs

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