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President-elect Donald trump (right) shower hands v running mate Mike Pence before Trump"s success speech, November 9, 2016.

Once in office, Pence seek to advancement Trump’s policies and also staunchly protected him with a number of scandals. In 2019 he significantly opposed the House’s impeachment proceedings against Trump, that allegedly had withheld aid to Ukraine in order to press the country into opening a corruption investigation into Joe Biden; in 2020 Biden came to be the autonomous presidential nominee. When Trump to be impeached through the House, he was acquitted in the Senate psychological in February 2020. The month Pence ended up being head of the government’s task force taking care of the coronavirus outbreak, which, in March, was designated a global pandemic. Together the instances spread in the unified States, businesses and also schools began to close, and the economic situation entered a downturn the rivaled the good Depression. The government’s managing of the dilemm drew spicy criticism as some civilization alleged a lack of leadership and also claimed the both Trump and also Pence do misleading or false declaration that reduced the seriousness that the coronavirus.

In October 2020, about a month before the general election, trump tested hopeful for the virus. As the president underwent medical treatment, Pence presume a greater function in the reelection campaign. In the November choice Biden and Harris were declared the winners, though the Trump-Pence ticket tested the results, alleging voter fraud. However, no proof was gift to earlier these claims, and also by early December every states had actually certified the results. Pence subsequently confronted pressure indigenous Trump to block Congress’s certification that the election, which was reserved to take location on January 6, 2021. That day Pence exit a letter in i beg your pardon he proclaimed that he would not try to overturn the results, noting that he short the “unilateral authority” come throw the end electors, a false case that the president had actually repeatedly advanced. Soon thereafter Congress began the certification process, however it was stopped when trump card supporters, who had just attend a rally v the president, stormed the Capitol. Pence was required to a for sure location, and some the the attackers were heard saying the he must be hanged. The siege it is long for number of hours, but Pence and Congress at some point reconvened, and also Biden’s victory was certified.

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Many accused trump of inciting the Capitol attack, and also on January 12 the home of representatives passed a resolution that dubbed on Pence to invoke the Twenty-fifth Amendment. However, the had earlier rejected the suggestion, stating the it was no “in the finest interest the our country or regular with our Constitution.” top top January 20 Pence’s term together vice chairman ended.