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Michael Strahan is explaining more of his side of the story regarding why he leftLiveWith Kelly in 2016. The 48-year-old former football star exited the talk show abruptly, leaving a disgruntled Kelly Ripa behind because that a co-host point out on Good Morning America.

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In a new profile because that The brand-new York Times, Strahan opens up up around his time working v Ripa and also his departure from the speak show.

"On television, I’ve had actually jobs wherein I obtained there and also felt like, "Wow, ns didn’t recognize I was supposed to be a sidekick." I thought I was coming below to it is in a partner," he explainsbefore the interviewer asks if he"s introduce to Live! through Kelly and Michael.

"It to be an experience!" he replies, laughing.

Noting the his exit "could have actually been tackled better," Strahan adds, "I didn’t wake up and also say, "I desire a project at GMA." i was request to perform it by the world who run the network. It was really no a choice. It was a request. Yet it was treated as if ns was the guy who to walk in and also said, "I’m leaving." That component was completely misconstrued, mishandled in every way."

Strahan saysthat those responsible for how his exit from Live was tackled "have every apologized," but notes that"a the majority of the damage had already been done."

While he to be still ~ above the present with Ripa, Strahan recallstrying come have regular meetings through his co-host.

"We met a few times, and that was fine," that says. "But then eventually she stated she didn’t must meet. Can’t pressure somebody to do something they don’t want to do."

He does prayer Ripa for she work, saying, "If people think, "Oh, he no her" — i don’t hate her. I perform respect she for what she can do at she job. I cannot speak enough about how an excellent she is at her job."

Last year, Strahan said Time magazine the he hasn"t spoken to Ripa "in a long time."

"I learned through all the went down v that, you can’t convince people to prefer you," the said.

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Here"s an ext on Strahan"s departure from Live.

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