president Joe Biden (D) announced Merrick Garland was his nominee because that U.S. Attorney general on January 7, 2021.

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<1> This presidential appointment required Senate confirmation.

The Senate Judiciary Committee hosted Garland"s confirmation hearing because that February 22-23, 2021. The Senate shown him on in march 10, 2021, by a vote of 70-30.

The Biden change said in a press release, "A consensus-building voice, judge Garland has functioned under Democratic and also Republican administrations. That led investigations into some that the most high-profile cases and also crises in modern-day history, including the "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski, and coordinated the government’s response to the Oklahoma City bombing. Judge Garland’s nomination underscores the commitment to gain back integrity and the ascendancy of law, boost morale that the dedicated career specialists at DOJ, and build a an ext equitable justice system that serves all Americans."<2>

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Confirmation process

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Confirmation vote roll call

Garland was confirmed on march 10, 2021, through a poll of 70-30.

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Summary that Senate poll on Merrick Garland"s nomination for attorney basic (March 10, 2021) Party Votes because that Votes versus Not voting
Republicans 20 30 0
AlabamaTommy Tuberville RepublicanYes
AlaskaDan Sullivan DemocratYes
ArizonaMark Kelly RepublicanNo
ArkansasTom Cotton DemocratYes
CaliforniaAlex Padilla DemocratYes
ColoradoJohn Hickenlooper DemocratYes
ConnecticutChris Murphy DemocratYes
DelawareChris Coons RepublicanNo
FloridaMarco Rubio DemocratYes
GeorgiaRaphael Warnock DemocratYes
HawaiiBrian Schatz RepublicanNo
IdahoJames E. Risch DemocratYes
IllinoisTammy Duckworth RepublicanNo
IndianaTodd Young RepublicanYes
IowaJoni Ernst RepublicanNo
KansasJerry Moran RepublicanYes
KentuckyRand Paul RepublicanYes
LouisianaJohn Kennedy RepublicanYes
MaineAngus King DemocratYes
MarylandChris valve Hollen DemocratYes
MassachusettsEd Markey DemocratYes
MichiganGary Peters DemocratYes
MinnesotaTina Smith RepublicanNo
MississippiCindy Hyde-Smith RepublicanNo
MissouriRoy Blunt RepublicanNo
MontanaJon Tester RepublicanNo
NebraskaBen Sasse DemocratYes
NevadaCatherine Cortez Masto DemocratYes
brand-new HampshireMaggie Hassan DemocratYes
brand-new JerseyCory Booker DemocratYes
new MexicoMartin Heinrich DemocratYes
new YorkKirsten Gillibrand RepublicanYes
north CarolinaThom Tillis RepublicanNo
phibìc DakotaKevin Cramer RepublicanYes
OhioSherrod Brown RepublicanYes
OklahomaJames Lankford DemocratYes
OregonJeff Merkley RepublicanNo
PennsylvaniaRobert P. Casey DemocratYes
Rhode IslandSheldon Whitehouse RepublicanYes
south CarolinaTim Scott RepublicanYes
south DakotaMike Rounds RepublicanNo
TennesseeMarsha Blackburn RepublicanYes
TexasTed Cruz RepublicanYes
UtahMike Lee DemocratYes
VermontBernie Sanders DemocratYes
VirginiaTim Kaine DemocratYes
WashingtonPatty Murray RepublicanYes
West VirginiaJoe Manchin RepublicanYes
WisconsinTammy Baldwin RepublicanNo
WyomingCynthia Lummis RepublicanNo

Senate confirmation hearing

The Senate Judiciary Committee organized Garland"s confirmation hearing ~ above February 22-23, 2021.