Updated 9:30 a.m. ET: "Dancing through the Stars" agree Tony Dovolani ultimately has his first mirror sphere trophy! The hoofer and celeb companion Melissa Rycroft beat Olympic yellow medalist Shawn Johnson and "General Hospital" star Kelly Monaco top top Tuesday to win the competition's first all-star season.This is likewise Melissa's first mirror sphere trophy. When she competed in season eight, she perfect in thi


Melissa Rycroft and pro companion Tony Dovolani hold the mirror sphere trophy together they are crowned champions on the season finale that ABC's "Dancing through the Stars: All-Stars" in Los Angeles ~ above Tuesday.Adam Taylor / abc via Reuters / gendergeek.org
Updated 9:30 a.m. ET: "Dancing through the Stars" agree Tony Dovolani finally has his very first mirror sphere trophy! The hoofer and also celeb companion Melissa Rycroft defeated Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and also "General Hospital" star Kelly Monaco top top Tuesday to win the competition"s an initial all-star season.

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Melissa Rycroft and pro companion Tony Dovolani organize the mirror sphere trophy as they space crowned champions on the season finale that ABC's "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" in Los Angeles on Tuesday.Adam Taylor / alphabet via Reuters / gendergeek.org

This is likewise Melissa"s first mirror sphere trophy. Once she contended in season eight, she perfect in 3rd place, v Shawn together that season"s champ. Melissa had actually kicked turn off the all-star season through a prediction that she wouldn"t last past the 4th week, yet as the season progressed, she ongoing to improve and win pan votes. 

“My mental went empty for a minute,” Rycroft told reporters ~ the show regarding what she was reasoning when host Tom Bergeron referred to as her name together the winner.

“When us were stand there with Shawn and Derek ns assumed it’d be them. After ns realized it to be our names, i said, ‘Oh, my God! How did this just happen?’”

Rycroft"s "Life Is a Highway" instant samba ~ above finale night sealed she victory, i m sorry is based upon the judges" scores and viewer votes. The judges -- who failed to speak to her the end on two slips, yet did keep in mind a flawed interpretation of the music -- gave her a score that 28.5 for the performance and also praised her moves.

"You"ve been my greatest pleasure come watch," head referee Len Goodman said. 

But no doubt, Melissa"s likable agree played a sizable role in her victory. Tony has actually been a fan favorite through his patience, nice-guy attitude and positive demeanor. Of every the pros on the show, he has perhaps to be paired with the most contestants that lacked the ballroom skills to go far (Kate Gosselin and Martina Navratilova, to name two), and was often eliminated early on in the competition. And in his 14th season, he lastly got his winter ball.

"This has actually been a long time coming for Tony," Bergeron provided as the winners celebrated.

The success was particularly sweet for Dovolani and also not just because he’d to be arguably paired through some, ahem, shall us say “challenging” partners over the years.

“I’ve paid my dues,” Dovolani nodded. “But it was worth the whole 14 seasons to get somebody like Melissa. It to be worth this unbelievable moment. All the stars have to align sometimes and tonight they did.”

The agree dancer had actually much come celebrate. “It’s mine wife’s and my 13th (wedding) anniversary,” that shared. “Also, it’s been 100 years of independence for (my native) Albania. This is an remarkable moment! ns share this through all our fans.”

The couple had few expectations provided that they started out competing versus numerous past winners in terms of both stars and pros.

“We assumed we’d go residence in main one,” Dovolani exclaimed.

“We were going to shot to hold our own and maybe leave with some type of impression,” Rycroft mused. “We never ever thought wednesday be champion or it is in the critical ones standing. Ns wish we hadn’t underestimated ourselves yet at the exact same time it makes us more proud the what we’ve accomplished.”

It was almost more of the pro"s victory than Melissa"s. When the pair were announced as the newest champs, fellow pros Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy hoisted Tony onto their shoulders together the cameras zoomed in on him pump his fists in the air, leaving Melissa out of the photo until pro Derek Hough ultimately got her up and back into the frame.

Though Tony and Melissa appeared poised to victory after their two perfect scores ~ above Monday, Shawn and also Kelly gave them some hard competition in the insta-dance round.

The "General Hospital" actress virtually nailed her energetic jive with good twirls and also kicks. The judges dinged them because that a tiny lack that precision, and also gave her and also Val matching 9.5s for a two-night total of 87.5 out of 90. And also when she was got rid of in third place, the actress gave large props to her partner.

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"This guy is the most incredible man, and he"s the many talented dancer the end there," she said. "He taught someone who has no idea just how to was standing on both of she feet and talk in ~ the exact same time how to dance gracefully."

As for Shawn, she added one much more perfect score to she ballroom background with the immediate cha-cha-cha to finish in 2nd place through a complete of 87 points. Derek, who has hinted the this may very well it is in his critical season on "Dancing," stated after their last performance, "After doing the display for so long, you shot to find new ways to make it special. (Shawn) make it more than special regardless the the result."

-- gendergeek.org contributor Michael Maloney detailed additional reporting.

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