Looks favor it’s the end of the road for the struggle ABC family members sitcom “Melissa & Joey.” follow to reports, the lover series, which recently earned a People’s selection Award for favourite Cable TV Comedy, will certainly be ending its run adhering to the show’s successful four seasons.

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“Melissa & Joeywill it is in wrapping production on its final season this week,” ABC household said in a statement about the series’ cancellation.“The comedy will certainly conclude that is storyline in ~ the end of the fourth season, come air later on this summer.”

So why walk “Melissa & Joey,” i m sorry stars Melissa Joan Hart and also Joey Lawrence as a pair the newlyweds, acquire the axe? Well, meeting revealed that the decision dropped upon Karey Burke, the networks’ newest EVP of Programming and advancement who has experience in the comedy department. Before being appointed come exec VP, Burke was overseeing her fair share of Emmy-winning collection including “Friends,” “The West Wing,” will & Grace” and also “ER.”

“We are proud of the landmarks "Melissa & Joey"has achieved, being the network’s an initial sitcom to with 100 episodes and also the network’s first comedy to win a People’s an option Award,” she said. “Now the the youngsters are grown and also Mel and also Joe have actually married and are spring towards beginning a family, it seemed choose a organic time to lug the series to a close. We room grateful to Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence and also the entirety cast and also crew who functioned so difficult on this effective show.”

If you think Burke’s decision come cancel the comedy stemmed indigenous the show’s not-so-impressive viewership, think again. Back “Melissa & Joey” wasn’t pulling in numbers like the thriller “Pretty tiny Liars,” they to be neck-and-neck with other programs such as “Baby Daddy” and “Young and Hungry,” happen in a report 1.19 million viewers throughout their Season 4 premiere episode.

In fact, since the news broke of the show’s cancellation, diehard pan of “Melissa & Joey” have taken to Twitter to express their anger end the networks’ decision. Lawrence, who describes his fan base together “angels,” made sure not to let your voices walk unheard. “Angels I’m sure you’ve every heard Melissa&Joey has been canceled through
ABCFamily it’s sad yet we it s long this long thx to every u #bestfansever xx,” the wrote, adding that showbiz have the right to be a brutal business.


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sweet4knights it"s a difficult business and a challenging town but I love you&all the pan for your cries of support. #bestfansever #blessednodoubt

— Joey Lawrence (
joeylawrence) February 9, 2015

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