No issue what girlfriend think the Donald Trump, it’s tough not to notification his wife, Melania Trump, who’s been an enigmatic presence next to him because before they tied the knot in 2005. Civilization want to understand what Melania is wearing, what her relationship with she husband is like, and how the former model stays looking her best.

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Many people think the Melania Trump has actually opted because that cosmetic procedures to stay looking young (especially due to the fact that Donald trump card reportedly had a scalp reduction to correct balding, and maintains his complexion v heavy-handed spray tans). Has she unable to do under the knife, or just had actually a few injections? Here’s what we know.

1. Melania to be 28 as soon as she met Donald Trump


Donald Trump and also Melania Knauss to visit the Aida opening in 2000. | Scott Gries/ Getty Images

Melania to be born in 1970, for this reason she was just 35 year old once she married Donald trump card in 2005. Lock had already known each other for several years at the point. Together GQ place it, as soon as Donald and Melania first met in 1998, “Melania Knauss to be 28, a tall, awkward brunette whose face had however to get the taut, plasticine squint that makes it look as if cameras are forever catching her a 2nd before a sneeze.”

2. Her eyes looked bigger 보다 they execute now


Donald Trump and also his girlfriend Melania Knauss watch the US open up Tennis competition in 2002. | Matt Campbell/ AFP/ Getty Images

The Skincare modify notes that ago in the at an early stage 2000s, Melania Trump’s eyes looked bigger than they appear now. Nowhere is that much more apparent than in this photo of Donald and Melania in 2002, city hall the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. The was three years before the 2 would tie the knot at his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida. Together Getty reported at the time, “The closely if curiously coiffed Trump, 58, plans to tie the knot v his companion of 6 years, a Slovenian-Austrian beauty, 34, that keeps busy on the new York society scene.”

3. She may have actually started trying filler in her at an early stage 30s


Donald Trump and Melania Knauss to visit the 2002 USO of Metropolitan brand-new York yellow Medal Awards. | Matthew Peyton/ Getty Images

Around 2001 and also 2002, numerous photos display the future Melania Trump v sculpted cheeks and also plump lips — prompting some human being to speculate the the future an initial lady had started experimenting with injections such as Restylane. “The method her cheeks jut the end looks so lot like Restylane, as carry out her plump, glossy lips,” The Skincare edit notes. She was still in her early on 30s in ~ the time. But, the publication adds, “Perhaps she to be she an early adopter?”

4. Melania says that she didn’t have a chest augmentation


Melania Knauss attends a exclusive party hosted by Donald Trump’s T management in 2003. | Steven Henry/ Getty Images

GQ reports the Melania trumped “scoffed” once asked whether she had a chest augmentation. “I didn’t make any kind of changes,” she described in 2016, responding come rumors that during her modeling days, she determined to experience the procedure to get an ext lingerie jobs. In spite of her denial, similar rumors would surface ar again, through The Express report in respectable 2018 that some world speculated that the first lady had undergone a breast augmentation when the White residence said she to be being treated because that a kidney condition.

5. Some think she changed her nose


Donald Trump and Melania Knauss arrive because that the NBC TCA All-Star Party at Univeral Studios July 11, 2004. | Carlo Allegri/ Getty Images

It was additionally in the beforehand 2000s once the future Melania Trump began wearing she eye makeup choose she walk today, through darker colors and heavier application roughly her eyes 보다 she decided when she was a little younger. The Skincare modify reports the it’s also around this time the the future very first lady may have opted to change the form of she nose. “I suspect by this time, she had probably altered her nose,” the publication provided on a 2004 photograph of Melania.

6. Melania and also Donald Trump acquired married in 2005


Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump come at the Vanity fair Oscar Party in 2005. | Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images

Melania married Donald trump in January 2005, and also shortly ~ that, the two made one appearance in ~ the Vanity same Oscar Party in West Hollywood. She may have actually been spray-tanning and whitening she teeth, like her new husband. Yet The Skincare modify doesn’t think the she’d had any type of cosmetic procedures around her eyes. “There’s movement approximately her eyes, and also a organic hollow underneath them, so ns don’t think she had actually touched the area so far,” the publication explains.

7. Her laugh looked a lot more natural


Melania trumped attends the 250th Anniversary celebration event of luxury watch brand Vacheron Constantin ~ above October 24, 2005. | Andrew H. Walker/ Getty Images

In most photos bring away of she today, Melania trumped doesn’t seem to give the camera a really natural smile. (Neither does she husband, to it is in fair.) yet in this picture from 2005, as soon as Melania to be attending the 250th Anniversary celebration event of high-end watch brand Vacheron Constantin, her laugh looks nice natural, there is no Botox or fillers avoiding her from moving her confront naturally.

8. She provided birth come Barron in 2006


Donald Trump, wife Melania, and son Baron attend the ceremony honoring him through a star ~ above the Hollywood go of fame on January 16, 2006, in Hollywood, California. | Vince Bucci/ Getty Images

Melania Trump provided birth to she son, Barron, in 2006. The household was photographed in ~ the start of 2007 at a ceremony as soon as Donald Trump gained a star top top the Hollywood walk of Fame. We don’t recognize if Melania underwent any kind of cosmetic procedures after she gave birth to Barron. Yet as The Washington write-up reports, Donald trump card joked come Howard Stern that he would offer Melania a week come look favor she had actually pre-pregnancy after providing birth. Fortunately, the didn’t it seems ~ serious.

9. Melania adopted Donald Trump’s habit that squinting in ~ the camera


Donald and also Melania Trump to visit a reception to advantage UNICEF organized by Gucci in 2008. | Stephen Lovekin/ Getty photos for IMG

It wasn’t until 2008 that Melania Trump embraced her husband’s habit that squinting at the camera, The Skincare modify reports. “A photographer once told me the squinting is a good means to pose as soon as you acquire your photo taken, if you’re susceptible to the crazy-eyed, ‘deer in headlights’ look,” the publication notes. PopDust, top top the other hand, thinks the an overzealous application of filler is the factor why she looks favor she’s squinting.

10. Her face showed some indicators of aging


Melania Trump and also Barron Trump attend the 18th annual Bunny Hop in 2009. | Astrid Stawiarz/ Getty Images

Though many civilization think that Melania Trump has actually undergone cosmetic steps to protect against or correct indications of aging, it’s worth discussing that as early on as 2009, she did have actually some clearly shows lines on her cheeks. Yet that’s par because that the course once you’re draw close 40, right? perhaps not in the Trumps’ world.

11. She appeared to experiment with injectables


Melania trump card attends “The Celebrity Apprentice” season finale at the at American Museum of Natural background on may 10, 2009, in brand-new York City. | Brad Barket/ Getty Images

Though Melania trumped looked a lot much more natural in the photo with Barron, points seem to have readjusted by the time this photograph was taken, later on in 2009. The Skincare edit reports, “Her cheeks look an ext plump and her under-eye area an ext full” than they go in previous photos. “It additionally looks like Botox might’ve to be injected in she forehead and also around the lips (and is preventing her from normally smiling).”

12. Melania do the efforts a different haircut


Donald and also Melania Trump attend the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” Costume institute Gala at The urban Museum of arts in 2011. | Larry Busacca/ Getty Images

Melania trump card hasn’t been shy around cutting or coloring she hair. And in 2011, she experimented briefly with shorter, blunter bangs 보다 she usually wears. That’s the same year that, follow to The skin care Edit, her confront looked less tight — evidence that if she was using fillers, she offered them time to “settle” and look much more natural.

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13. Some doctors think she’s tried Botox


Melania trump attends the “Men In black 3” brand-new York Premiere in 2012. | Theo Wargo/ Getty Images

The Skincare modify reports that the tightness in she eye area appears to imply Botox. Similarly, The to express reports the according to cosmetic doctor Dev Patel, that didn’t act the first lady, Melania Trump has tried Botox. Patel explained, “I noticed the an extremely obvious indications of likely Botox recently, when watching she on a TV interview. She was offered a rather personal account of she background yet she upper face was not relocating in harmony v her words. In fact, it to be not relocating at all. This suggests too hefty doses are being used by her doctor. The effects of Botox look good but only when the result is much more natural in appearance.”

14. Yet the first lady states she is ‘against injections’


Melania trump card attends the CNBC Republican Presidential debate in 2015. | Andrew Burton/ Getty Images

This 2015 photo shows Melania trumped with much more creases about her eyes and down she cheeks — perhaps indicating the she wasn’t relying on filler or Botox together much. In the 2016 interview through GQ, Melania Trump seemed to take a stand versus cosmetic procedures. “A lot of of world say i am utilizing all the procedures for mine face. Ns didn’t execute anything,” she said. “I live a healthy life; ns take treatment of mine skin and my body. I’m against Botox, I’m versus injections; ns think it’s damaging her face, damaging your nerves. It’s every me. Ns will age gracefully, together my mom does.”

15. Some people think she all set for her move to D.C. Through a ring of procedures


Melania trump acknowledges civilization in the crowd after her husband and also Republican president-elect Donald Trump ceded his accept speech. | mark Wilson/ Getty Images

The Skincare edit reports that Melania Trump seems to proceed dabbling in cosmetic procedures. In enhancement to Botox, Patel thinks the Melania has had a sleep job. Another surgeon, Jag Chana, notes the “Comparing the earlier photo from when she is younger and also the later on life photos one can see that the sleep shape has actually changed.” The doctors likewise think the she has actually used fillers to make her lips fuller. And Munir Somji agreed that Melania has actually probably had a rhinoplasty, forehead contouring through filler, Botox come lift her brows, buccal fat removal to slim her face, and fillers roughly her jawline.

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