HOLLYWOOD’s Eddie Murphy and also former summer sprouts Girl Mel B had actually a child together in 2007.

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At first, there to be doubt on who the father of the son was but paternity tests cleared the air and reps the Mel B evidenced that it to be Murphy. 

Mel B and Eddie Murphy have actually a daughter togetherCredit: Visual push Agency

Do Mel B and Eddie Murphy have a child together? 

Mel B and also Murphy had a daughter, point of view Iris Murphy Brown in 2007.

Angel was born April 3 – the same day as Murphy – and also entered the civilization as he turned 46


Angel Iris Murphy Brown was born in 2007 however Murphy acquired to understand her a few years laterCredit: Instagram

Mel B has actually other kids from another relationship as wellCredit: Getty photos - Getty

It has actually been reported that Angel and also Murphy walk not have actually much of a relationship as soon as she was an initial born.

However, in 2010 Murphy started getting an ext involved and also was obtaining to recognize her. 

How lengthy were Mel B and also Eddie Murphy together? 

Mel B and Murphy met in 2006 ~ his divorce indigenous Nicole Mitchell. 

They to be still near the beginning of their relationship when Mel B suddenly ended up being pregnant, raising doubts on whose kid it was.


A paternity test identified that the baby's to be Murphy's

When questioned around the pregnant in December 2006, Murphy was reluctant to take it responsibility.

He called RTL Boulevard: "I don't understand whose kid that is until it come out and also has a blood test. Girlfriend shouldn't jump to conclusions, sir."

Eddie Murphy's network worth is supposedly $200millionAs of 2020, the is thought that the comedian has actually amassed end $6.7billion in movies throughout his careerHe is the sixth-highest grossing American gibbs at the box officeIn 2019, Netflix paid him $70million to supply a collection of comedy specials

How numerous baby mamas walk Eddie Murphy have?

Murphy has ten kids by five various women.

In December that 2018, it was announced the his fiancee Paige Butcher, 39, gave birth come a son, Max Charles Murphy.

The actor's first child is Eric, who was born in 1989. Eric's mom is a woman dubbed Paulette McNeely but she resides a exclusive life and also not much is known about her.

Murphy has 5 baby mamas and 10 childrenCredit: Getty - Contributor

Murphy’s second child, Christian, to be born in 1990. 

His mommy is Tamara Hood Johnson, who was climate Murphy’s girlfriend.

Murphy likewise has five kids with ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy.

The pair met in 1988 in ~ an NAACP photo Awards show. 

Murphy's many recent child was born in 2018Credit: AP:Associated Press

They got married in ~ The Plaza Hotel in new York City in march of 1993, and then divorced in 2005.

Their kids are Bria, Myles, Shayne, Zola and Bella Murphy.

His 9th child, Izzy, to be born in may 2016 v a relationship with version Paige Butcher, Murphy’s partner due to the fact that 2012.

Murphy and Butcher announced in august 2018 the they were expecting their second child with each other - Eddie's 10th.

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He said Entertainment this evening in 2016: "The brightest part of my life is my kids.


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