former Spice Girl opens up around about DNA tests and also her daughter Angel’s relationship with her Hollywood gibbs dad

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After shocking the people with the news the she was having actually actor Eddie Murphy’s infant after a whirlwind fling, Mel B was then publicly humiliated ~ Eddie denied being the father. However, after 3 years, the former Spice Girl and also the Shrek movie star have finally buried the ax – however not there is no its struggles.

“Angel is three-and-a-half and I didn’t intend her real organic father to all of a sudden pop back into our lives,” Mel B admitted on us TV. “ i think since in mine mind, I fought so tough for justice at the really beginning of my pregnancy.”

The 35-year-old mum-of-two was referring come the time when she encountered rumours and also nasty comments from world calling she a liar once Eddie Murphy was named as the father. “I was like, hanging mine head in shame because people wherein like, ‘Oh is that the father or no it?’ i knew what ns knew,” Mel B shared. “I had human being calling me a gold digger saying I acquired pregnant on purpose. It to be a awful time.”

Recalling the time when Eddie, 49, asked Mel B and also her family to come to the Shrek Forever After premiere 3 years after angel was born, she admitted being hesitant around the invite. “I thought, carry out I really want to be on red carpet yet again, entertaining everyone’s else’s world, like, ‘Oh we’re a happy family’ and also ‘ Eddie’s back in our life?’”

However, Melanie accepted and is pleased that her daughter has met her father after years of her trying. “When the outcomes of the DNA test come in and also Angel remained in fact, no surprise, Eddie Murphy’s child, I motivated their partnership from work one,” Mel said. “I didn’t hear anything for a few years. So this year, it’s to be really, really nice the they’ve both to be able to obtain in call with each other and get to know each other”

Mel B is now happily married to Stephen Belafone, who she credits together Angel’s stepfather figure. Mel is likewise mum come Phoenix Chi, 11, who dad is Mel’s ex-hubby Jimmy Gulzar.



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