Donald Trump speak to moderators, including Megyn Kelli in ~ the an initial Republican presidential controversy on august 6, 2015.AP
Chris Wallace (left) with Megyn Kelly and also Bret BaierAP
Megyn Kelly ~ above Wednesday revisited her well known feud with President Trump, discussing whether she’d adjust anything around how she handled the situation that caused months of attacks from the then-Republican presidential nominee.

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“Not one word,” the previous Fox News anchor said the daily Caller in a new interview. “I 100 percent stand by the question and also by mine tweets the various other day,” she added referring to tweets from previously this month addressing the public spat.

Kelly and also Trump to be locked in a months-long beef after the journalist questioned Trump about calling women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and also disgusting animals” as she moderated the GOP presidential dispute in august 2015. Trump infamously quipped back, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”

That prompted repeated attacks from Trump against Kelly, including calling she “not very good or professional” and saying, “You might see there was blood coming the end of she eyes. Blood coming out of she wherever.”

Now, 5 years later and after simply launching her very own company, evil one May treatment Media, Kelly stands firmly behind her question.

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“I mean, ns think the media doesn’t recognize that target news analysis doesn’t always bash a Republican or a Democrat, right?” she called the day-to-day Caller. “Like, trump card deserved the question since what i was trying come ask that was, ‘This is what the Democrats space going come hit friend with. Just how are girlfriend going come respond?’ and I to be 100% right, they walk hit him with that. Over and over and over and over.”

Kelly — who claimed President-elect Joe Biden the winner the this year’s first presidential debate and Trump the winner that the 2nd — also discussed the difficulty of balancing law “objective news” with the public’s expectation.

Donald Trump and also Megyn KellyFOX picture Collection via Getty Images

“They feel betrayed,” she explained. “They assumed I to be on their side because I asked him that question and also he struck me for nine months. Well, ns was never on their side. And I’m not on the Republicans’ side, either. I’m on the next of the truth, and if it happens to align with one next or another, great, good, i’m glad it functions out because that you.”

She added, “I am just a reporter trying to report the truth and call it favor I see ’em.”

Kelly made headlines this week once she announced she traction her kids out of your “woke” institution after a letter accused circulated accusing white civilization of “reveling in state-sanctioned depravity” and comparing white children to “killer cops.”