Watch: Meghan McCain announces departure from 'The View' come spend much more time v family

July 1, 202101:41
Meghan McCain announced on Thursday"s illustration of "The View" the she is leave the long-running alphabet daytime speak show.

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"I am just going to rip the Band-Aid off. I"m below to tell all of you, my wonderful co-hosts and the viewers at residence that this is walk to be my last season," she said, kicking off the episode v the news of she departure. "Covid has changed the human being for all of us, and it adjusted the way, at the very least for me, the means that ns am looking in ~ life, the means I"m living my life, the method I want my life to look like."

McCain defined that leave wasn"t simple decision however said she desires to spend much more time in Washington, D.C., v her husband and also daughter, whom she welcomed in September.

"I just have this really wonderful life here that at some point I felt like I didn"t want to leave," she said. "On a experienced note, this display is among the hands-down greatest, most exhilarating, wonderful privileges the my entire life."

In a statement, alphabet News claimed that it understands and respects McCain"s desire to leave for she family.

“For the past 4 years, Meghan McCain has lugged her fierce decision and vast political knowledge and experience to The View," the network said. "We great the best for Meghan as she plan her next chapter, and thank she for the passion and unique voice the she mutual with us and our viewers every day.”

McCain, the daughter that the so late U.S. Sen. Man McCain, R-Ariz., joined the present in October 2017. She, in addition to hosts Whoopi Goldberg, happiness Behar, Sara Haines and also Sunny Hostin, talk about daily newsworthy topics on politics and news.

An outspoken Republican conservative, McCain frequently got right into heated discussions with she colleagues, few of which would go famous on society media.

In her announcement, she joked around bickering through her co-workers, saying, “I will still be here another month therefore if you men want come fight a small bit more, we have four an ext weeks.”

She go on to worship her co-hosts together "strong, brilliant, intelligent, tremendous broadcasters."

"You room the many talented ladies on every one of television," she said.

Goldberg called McCain the it has actually been "quite exorbitant to sit across from you" and recalled just how John McCain had motivated her to join the show. Hostin praised McCain for having a "really important point of view," speak it has been "wonderful" to work-related with her.

Haines added: “It has actually been an honor to sit right here with you. You space a challenging … that’s all I deserve to say on daytime TV,” she claimed laughing.

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Behar recognized that she has had actually her re-publishing of disagreements with McCain, however applauded she for difficult by she opinions.