The imperial couple’s $20 million book deal reportedly includes much more than just the duke of Sussex’s memoir.

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Last week, it was announced Prince Harry had signed a $20 million deal with publisher Penguin Random house after secretly working ~ above his memoirs over the past year. But now it appears that contract was, in fact, for a multi-book deal for both the battle each other of Sussex and also his mam Meghan Markle.

According come Page Six, who first broke news the the imperial couple’s foray into the publishing world, their $20 million paycheck is actually for 4 future books, including one Harry and Meghan room working on together around “leadership and philanthropy.” The Duchess the Sussex is additionally rumored to be working on a memoir of she own, and a publication on “wellness.” and also despite reports harry’s memoir would certainly be break-up in two with a second installment to be published after the fatality of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, a spokesperson for the couple confirmed come the outlet just one book is reserved to be exit in so late 2022.

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In a statement around the memoir, harry explained, “I’m composing this no as the prince i was born however as the male I have actually become. I have worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story—the highs and also lows, the mistakes, the class learned—I can help show the no matter where we come from, us have more in usual than we think. I’m deeply thankful for the opportunity to re-publishing what i’ve learned over the food of my life therefore far and also excited for human being to check out a firsthand account of mine life it is accurate and wholly truthful.”

A source “who to know the couple” additionally told Page Six that, “With together a steady drumbeat of all the take care of announcements, you have to imagine that the Meghan dial is walking to it is in dialed up. One deserve to only think the she would absolutely create a memoir—she has been outspoken come those who know her around her politics aspirations in the future.” The Duchess of Sussex has kept a reasonably low profile because giving birth to her 2nd child, Lilibet Diana, a month ago. But prior to that, she likewise became a published writer in her own right, publication a children’s book, titled The Bench, with Random House, i m sorry is no a component of this brand-new four-book deal. Meghan previously explained her book as a poem that “began together a love letter to mine husband and son,” including that her choice, “to depict one more side that masculinity—one base in connection, emotion, and softness—is to version a people that so plenty of would choose to view for their sons and daughters alike.”

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