Megyn Kelly readily available a heartfelt tribute to Fox News and her viewers in explaining she "tough decision" to leaving the network for NBC.

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At the nearby of Tuesday"s "Kelly File," Kelly claimed she feeling a "human connection" to her viewers and additionally treasures that "particularly as soon as it concerns my children, who room 7, 5 and 3," signaling the her night schedule was a crucial factor in her decision.

"I have grown up here and been offered every opportunity a young reporter can ever questioning for," she said, praising Rupert Murdoch"s family members for that is kindness toward her. She last show at Fox airs Friday.

Kelly"s closing remarks came much less than 12 hours after the surprised announcement that she will be providing up her prime-time function at Fox for a multi-year deal that includes several functions at NBC. She will certainly launch a daytime program and a Sunday evening news magazine show, and also be component of the network’s coverage of major political and breaking-news events.

Murdoch, executive, management chairman the 21st Century Fox, claimed in a statement: “We say thanks to Megyn Kelly for her 12 years of contribute to FOX News. Us hope she enjoys incredible success in she career and wish her and her family members all the best.”

Kelly told viewers she deep admires the journalists at NBC, but additionally said she is "very grateful" to Fox for her 12-year career at the news channel. She expressed comparable sentiments in a on facebook posting, singling the end not simply Murdoch however his sons, Lachlan and also James, that led the discussions to keep her.

The anchor make one wry reference to she critics, saying she also values those that "very rarely complain" around her top top Twitter after ~ a display or a presidential debate--an apparent reference come the Donald trump card supporters that turned ~ above her during the campaign.

Fox News fought hard to store Kelly, who ended up being a breakout star and whose 9 p.m. Display was the second-highest rated in cable news, behind the “O’Reilly Factor.” Trump’s assaults on Kelly throughout the campaign helped turn her right into an global celebrity and also she to be featured top top the covering of the new York times Magazine, Vanity Fair and other publications. She additionally just published a best-selling memoir, “Settle because that More.”

Kelly’s contract at Fox to be not as result of expire for one more six months.

Money walk not appear to be the significant factor in she decision; Kelly stood to do an eight-figure value wherever she went. Together she talked about her thinking, it came to be clear the a height priority to be a schedule that would permit her come spend an ext time with her three young children rather 보다 returning residence after their bedtime.

Fox News now deals with the difficulty of instead of Kelly in prime time, and at such significant events together debates and political conventions, wherein she has generally showed up alongside Bret Baier and also Chris Wallace.

Kelly to be an significantly unhappy lawyer in 2004 when she parlayed a part-time gig at a Washington station into a reporting task at Fox. She quickly rose v the ranks, co-anchoring “America’s Newsroom” v Bill Hemmer and then hosting a 1 p.m. Show prior to the move to element time.

NBC global Chairman Andrew absence said in a statement, “Megyn is superb journalist and also news anchor, who has had actually an particularly career” absence said. “She’s demonstrated remarkable skill and poise, and we’re happy to have her.”

The move provides Kelly access to the potentially larger audience of a major broadcast network. Yet launching a daytime program can be difficult, even for famed journalists.

Katie Couric, the previous “Today” co-host and also CBS anchor, lasted two years in one ABC-backed daytime display whose very first executive producer to be Jeff Zucker, currently CNN’s president. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper also lasted two periods in daytime. The mainly female audience tends to donate entertainment and lighter fare over severe news topics. NBC did no announce a time because that Kelly’s new show.

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Trump’s spicy criticism of Kelly ~ the very first presidential debate, when she asked him about his demeaning comments towards some women, lugged her a torrent of online abuse and, she discover in her book, her family members was compelled to use security guards. The two buried the ax in one interview the aired top top the Fox transfer network.

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