Wednesday"s illustration of "Megyn Kelly Today," which contained an on-air apology for blackface comments made the job before, was her last appearance on the network.

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UPDATE: (October 26, 1:42 p.m. ET) an NBC News spokesperson released the complying with statement:

“‘Megyn Kelly Today’ is not returning. Following week, the9 a.m.hour will certainly be held by various other TODAY co-anchors.”

Megyn Kelly is the end at NBC ~ a tumultuous week.

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In the culmination that a weeklong firestorm following Kelly’s comments about the acceptability that blackface, NBC News has actually fired Kelly, according to multiple reports but an initial broken by The everyday Mail. As part of being relieved of her duties as hold of “Megyn Kelly Today,” the network will certainly pay the end the remainder of she salary, thought to be in the selection of $69 million.

On a Tuesday morning segment top top “Megyn Kelly Today,” Kelly compared blackface to other non-racially charged costumes, implying the the exercise of darkening one’s skin as component of any Halloween outfit wasn’t an inherently racist practice.Kelly issued an email apology later on Tuesday morning, complied with by one on-air apology on Wednesday’s illustration of “Megyn Kelly Today.” no of those actions to be able tostop a mounting series of pushback against the host, consisting of from planned guests from the Netflix series “House that Cards,” who canceled your appearance.

Kelly’s comments additionally drew passionate responses native NBC staffers, consisting of longtime “Today” clip Al Roker, who directly addressed the worry on-air yesterday. In that segment, a team of “Today” and NBC employees, likewise including Morgan Radford, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin, discussed the historical reasons refuting Kelly’s insurance claims that blackface is a not authorised practice.

No brand-new episode the “Megyn Kelly Today” aired this morning, between reports that Kelly would probably be acquisition on a brand-new role within NBC News. Critical night came reports the CAA had likewise dropped Kelly as a client.

Kelly pertained to national importance as a personality ~ above Fox News, wherein she held the primetime collection “The Kelly File” native 2013 to beforehand 2017. “Megyn Kelly Today” had been top top the air for simply over a year, premiering critical September. Web page Six and People have also run reports saying that sources within NBC News have confirmed to them the Kelly has actually been fired.

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