Swept up in love! Maksim Chmerkovskiy and also Peta Murgatroyd room a enhance made in dancing heaven.

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The couple met while on Broadway in 2009, but it wasn’t till their courses crossed again on Dancing through the Stars the they began dating in 2012. Three years later, the Ukrainian dancer request Murgatroyd come marry that while performing onstage in December 2015.

“I never ever thought that we were walking to be together,” the new Zealand native solely told Us Weekly in February 2019.

The Faith, Hope and also Love actress detailed that as soon as she met Chmerkovskiy, dating “wasn’t also a believed that overcome my mind.”

The pair did, however, do it down the aisle in July 2017, having actually a both a tiny ceremony in ~ City Hall and a 300-guest solemn event in new York the same month.

“It to be beautiful. The made me cry,” Murgatroyd said Us of her husband’s vows, noting she spoke around wanting to be through him “until we’re old in a rocking chair together.”

Chmerkovskiy revealed that once the pair kissed throughout their big ceremony, “a huge rainbow came out people lost their s–t!” Murgatroyd added: “I couldn’t believe it once I turn around. That was remarkable — perfect timing.”

The pair, who invited their first child, boy Shai, in January 2017 ahead of the nuptials, have continued to evolve as a couple.

“You end up being closer,” the Murgatroyd called Us in march 2019. “From the distribution room, come bringing them home for the very first time, to, like, share those unique moments.”

Scroll under to relive the couple’s greatest relationship moments v the years.

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