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It"s been specifically one year since this day show fans to be stunned ~ above Nov. 29, 2017, as soon as co-anchor Savannah Guthrie announced the Matt Lauer had actually been fired from the long-running morning display for "inappropriate sex-related behavior."

NBC News chairman Andy absence revealed in a letter to staff that Lauer had been accused by a female partner of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace," and also after a "serious review," dubbed Lauer"s alleged actions a "clear violation of ours company"s standards." Lauer was then automatically fired.

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"While that is the very first complaint about his actions in the over two decades he’s gone to NBC News, us were additionally presented v a reason to think this may not have been an diverted incident," absence wrote. "Our greatest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and also protected and also to certain that any kind of actions that run respond to to our core values room met with results no matter who the offender. We are deeply saddened by this rotate of events however we will challenge it together as a news organization and do it in together transparent a manner as we can.”

One year later, a resource tells ET that Lauer is still having actually a difficult time taking care of the fallout from his firing.

"There isn"t a day the goes by that Matt doesn"t remorse his inappropriate behavior," the source says. "He is discovering to move forward but he misses the life he as soon as had and he is still comes to terms with the reality he will certainly never have actually that life again.”

"He would certainly love a job in news again," the source continues. "Before this, he never ever stopped working. Currently he has actually time come think about his life and also what he will execute next and he has actually high wishes for the comes year. He has used this year come reflect on his mistakes, top top what he when had, and how that will relocate forward. His time far from job-related has given him no selection but come think and also focus on his kids.”

According to the source, Lauer is in search of a fresh start.

"Matt has actually been exercising, looking and also feeling better," the source says. "He has expressed come his old friends the he is interested in methods in London and online. Both would provide him the ability to begin fresh.”

Though the news wasshocking in ~ the time, the wasn"t the first time Lauer has actually been involved in a scandal. Let"s take it a look ago at a few of Lauer"s past headlines.

2006: Lauer"s wife, Annette Roque, reportedly accuses the of "cruel and inhumane acts" in divorce filing.

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According to The new York everyday News, Roque reportedly filed for divorce versus her husband in September 2006, prior to eventually withdrawing the documents. Follow to paperwork very first obtained by the National Enquirer, Roque -- who has been married to Lauer since 1998 -- accused she husband that "cruel and also inhumane acts."

Accusations reportedly contained Lauer being controlling over “even the the smallest decisions” having actually to perform with such problems as finances and also decorating, and Lauer demonstrating “extreme anger and hostility” towards Roque.

Roque and Lauer ended up reconciling and share three children together, though their marital relationship hasn"t weathering his recent scandal. In August, a resource told ET the he had agreed to pay his estranged wife $20 million in a divorce settlement.

2012: Lauer criticized after Ann Curry pipeline "Today."

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Ann Curry"s firing native Today in June 2012 after only a year together the show"s co-hostdrew plenty of criticism, and also in New York Times reporter Brian Stelter"s 2013 book,Top the the Morning, Stelter alleged Curry"s dismissal was planned well in advance.

"It wasn"t apparent at the time, but Ann Curry was a dead mrs walking," Stelter wrote. "She was never ever really provided a opportunity to co-host the show. She was being undermined the entirety time."

"Ann Curry"s last couple of days in ~ Todaywere gut-wrenching," Stelter additionally alleged. "I to be watching exterior from the windows and also I can see the Matt Lauer and also Ann Curry would never ever speak to each other except when they had to top top camera."

Lauer to be blamed through media doubters for both a ratings decline at the this particular day show and the mishandling the Curry"s departure, and also addressed it during a march 2013 interview v Howard Kurtz, the Washington bureau chief because that The daily Beast and Newsweek.

"I don"t think the show and also the network taken on the change well. Friend don"t have to be Einstein to understand that," that acknowledged. "It plainly did not assist us. We were seen as a family, and also we didn"t manage a family matter well."

"It to be a hard time because that everybody," that added about Curry"s departure. "We were getting kicked approximately a lot. Several of it was self-inflicted and perhaps deserved."

After Lauer"s firing, it"s clear there"s no love lost between the old colleagues."I am no surprised by the allegations," Curry saidduring she appearance onCBS This Morningin January. "Now I"m walking under that road. I"m trying no to pains people and I understand what it"s choose to it is in publicly humiliated. I never did anything not correct to it is in publicly humiliated and I don"t want to reason that type of pains to someone else."

"I can say that I would certainly be surprised if plenty of women walk not know that there was a climate of verbal harassment the existed," she continued around her time top top theTodayshow. "I think it would certainly be surprising if someone stated that they didn"t check out that. It was verbal sexual harassment."

In April, she likewise claimed the she oncereported Lauer for sex-related harassmenton instead of of another woman.

“A woman approached me and asked me tearfully if ns could aid her,” Curry toldThe Washington Post, claiming the she to be approached during her critical year on theTodayshow. “She to be afraid of shedding her job. ...I thought her.”

“I told management they had a problem and they essential to store an eye ~ above him and also how he deals with women,” she added.

In the samePostpiece, Lauerresponded to sex-related misconduct allegationsthat involved light after ~ he to be fired fromToday, and denied any type of "coercive, wild or abusive actions."

"I have made no public comments on the countless false stories from cotton or biased sources that have been reported about me end these previous several months," his explain read. "I stayed silent in an attempt to protect my household from additional embarrassment and to regain a tiny degree that the privacy they have actually lost. However defending my family now calls for me come speak up."

"I totally acknowledge that ns acted inappropriately as a husband, father and also principal at NBC," the declare continued. "However I want to make it perfectly clean that any allegations or reports that coercive, aggressive or abusive plot on my part, at any time, room absolutely false."

2012: Katie Couric says Lauer "pinched she on the a**" a lot.

Katie Couric hosted Today with Lauer because that nine years, and also in a 2012 appearance on Watch What happens Live through Andy Cohen, declared Lauer continuously touched her butt. As soon as Cohen request what Lauer"s most annoying habit was, Couric replied, "He pinches me on the a** a lot."

In May, Couric returned to Watch What happens Live and clarified her comments, insisting the she to be joking.

“I to be joking! It was a total joke,” she said.“In fact, when that started circulating, Andy, i was like, ‘Oh my god, i was on Watch What wake up Live.’ It was so antithetical to the nature of ours relationship. Ithought it would be funny because it to be so weird.”

“It was entirely a joke," she added. "But i was really sorry I had actually made that joke because people misconstrued it."

2012: Lauer criticized end asking anne Hathaway around her "wardrobe malfunction."

Lauer"s December 2012 this particular day interview through Anne Hathaway walk viral, as soon as he asked her about paparazzi photos take away under she skirt together she stepped out of her automobile at the NYC premiere the Les Miserables.

“Seen a many you lately,” Lauer joked as he started the interview. “Let’s just obtain it the end of the way. You had a little wardrobe failure the various other night. What’s the class learned from something like that, various other than the you save smiling, i beg your pardon you’ll always do.”

Hathaway quickly stressed that she wasn"t a ready participant in the pictures, and brought the conversation earlier to the film she was promoting.

"Well, it was obviously an unfortunate incident," Hathaway responded. "It sort of do me sad on two accounts. One was that ns was an extremely sad that we live in an er when who takes a photo of another person in a fragile moment, and also rather 보다 delete it and do the kind thing, selling it. And also I’m sorry that we live in a culture that commodifies sexuality of unwilling participants, which bring us back to Les Mis, since that’s what the personality is. She is someone that is compelled to offer sex to advantage her child due to the fact that she has actually nothing and there’s no social security net, so yeah -- let’s get ago to Les Mis.”

2016: Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales refuse they had actually an affair.

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In 2016, both Lauer and former Today co-anchor Natalie Morales handle rumors the they had actually an affair, which accused led her to leaving the morning show.

"Every facet of this story is untrue, and also it’s frankly sad the someone would tell lies to injury everyone involved," Lauer said The brand-new York Post.

"There is certain no truth to this completely absurd story," Morales added. "It is damaging, hurtful and also extremely sexist. I have proven myself in all facets of my job as a news professional and also journalist, and am adding to my role, acquisition on three jobs with access Hollywood Live and Access Hollywood, in enhancement to Today. This relocate was dictated by me and my desire to prosper in mine career. Any type of insinuations past that room uninformed."

On Wednesday, Morales as soon as again slammed the work rumors in response to Lauer"s firing.

“I woke approximately the news like everyone this morning -- simply in shock," Morales said on Access Hollywood Live. The Today show, that course, has actually been my family members for 16 year now and also it is difficult. I have actually personally faced rumors in the past for years that were hurtful come me, my household -- they reduced my difficult work. I’ve handle those rumors head-on in the past."

"That is no the story today," she continued. "The story today is the courage of a colleague that did come forward, and also when and if she desires to tell her story publicly, I’m sure she will. However it did take it a most courage for her to come forward. It to be no doubt a really painful decision."

2016: Lauer slammed over Hillary Clinton-Donald trump forum.

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Lauer to be accused by critics ofunfairness and sexism once he hosted a live prime-time forum v then-presidential candidates Donald Trump and also Hillary Clinton critical September. Lauer continuously grilled Clinton over the close up door FBI investigation right into her usage of a private email server together secretary of state, together opposed to nationwide security and also foreign plan issues. Critics also accused Lauer of repetitively interrupting Clinton, while largely unchallengingTrump.

"Lauer had turned what should have been a serious conversation into a meaningless ambush. What a rubbish of time," Clinton later on wrote in her project memoir, What Happened.

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“I can’t say ns didn’t fantasize about shaking part sense right into Lauer while i was out there."

Regarding Lauer"s therapy of Trump in ~ the forum, Clinton wrote that she was "was nearly physically sick" over the anchor"s "soft-pedal" interview.

Lauer go not discuss the allegations or his current terminationuntil Thursday morning in ~ the topof theTodayshow.For much more on his shocking firing, watch the video below:


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