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Mary Tyler Moore pipeline London airplane on July 12th, 1969. (Getty)

Mary Tyler Moore married her an initial husband, Richard Carleton Meeker, in 1955 once she to be 18 year old. Meeker to be 28 at the time. In her bookGrowing increase Again,Moore explains Meeker together a “boy next door” (literally).

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“And since he had actually a job (cranberry sauce sales manager) and his very own apartment (as i said, following door), I embraced the invitation to get married top top the condition that we relocate at least 4 blocks far from mine parents,” she writes.

Their wedding took location not lengthy after Moore graduated from Immaculate heart High college in Los Angeles. The pair had a child almost immediately, with Moore ending up being pregnant a couple of weeks after ~ the wedding.

Moore and her husband at some point divorced in1961, and she marriedGrant Tinker, a CBS executive, the following year.In a 1979 interview through Barbara Walters, Moorerejected the idea that her marital relationship to RichardCarleton Meeker to be a failure just since they ultimately divorced.

“I think even if a marriage operated for 4 years, five years…if you’re happy during that time, that’s not a time the failure,” she said. “That’s a time of growth, of satisfaction, and having given and taken indigenous one another, and that’s good.”

2. He passed away in1980of an inadvertently Gunshot Wound

Mary Tyler Moore’s son passed away at the period of 24. (Getty)

Richard Meeker died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound onOctober 14th, 1980. At the time, there were some false reports that Meeker had committed suicide; in reality, his death was accidental.

“Unfortunately, there were damaging rumors the Richie killed himself, but it to be an accident,” mar Tyler Moore called the national Ledger. “He to be a gun collector, was cleaning guns, and also one the them walk off and also shot the in the head.”

At the moment of his death, Meeker was attending the college of southern California. He lived off campus in a house with two roommates: 21-year-old Judy Vasquez and 23-year-oldJanet McLaughlin. It was in this residence that he died of the accidentalgunshot wound. The gun that Richard Meeker had been handling has since beenremoved from the market, follow to The brand-new York Times.

Meeker’s roommate Judy Vasqueztold The Washington Postat the time,“He to be loading and also unloading the short-barreled gun when it went off…It was awful. The must have pulled the trigger. There was a big bang and he fell on the bed.”

The year that Richard Meeker Jr. Died, mary Tyler Moore starred inOrdinary People, a movie in i beg your pardon she theatre a woman that loses her child in an accident and also whose other son make the efforts suicide. She later said in an interview the she took the duty in part because the reminded her of her own life.

3. Moore later Said She Regretted being So Busy when Her boy Was farming Up

Mary Tyler Moore in 1970. (Getty)

When Richard Jr. To be young, Moore was functioning on bothThe prick Van Dyke ShowandThe mar Tyler MooreShow,and in her bookGrowing increase Again,she states that she desire she had been roughly more.

“If I had actually it to perform over, ns wouldn’t have pursued a job while I had actually a tiny boy to treatment for,” she writes. “My heart breaks as soon as I think the the time missed, times v him. How predictable that without awareness i emulated mine mother’s actions towards me.”

Moore expressed a similar thought in a 1979 interview with Barbara Walters, saying that she regrets not fully takingin the joys the motherhood because she was so concentrated on her career. She additionally said the she desire she could “have an additional stab in ~ motherhood” due to the fact that at that allude she felt much an ext capable of raising a child.

“I think i was as great a mother as I can have been, yet I think ns was for this reason wrapped increase in myself, together you should be in ~ 18, 19,” Moore said. “That’s still a very precious, growing period for you, and there i was with a baby who was also demanding full attention. I didn’t acquire all the enjoyment the end of it that I might have.”

She additionally told Charlie rose in 1995 that her relationship with her son had actually been evolving and also that in the two years prior to Richard’s death, they had grown closer than ever.

“The happiness, specifically the happiness between us, was growing, was evolving,” she said. “We had actually two wonderful years with each other where we taken each other and allowed each various other to be who we were. To have had actually to reduced that short is the worst shame.”

Moore likewise said that she can’t imagine a pain an ext all encompassing than losing a child.

4. That Was functioning at CBS at the moment of His Death

Mary Tyler Moore at the 2006 TV land Awards at the Barker Hangar on march 19, 2006 in Santa Monica, California. (Getty)

In addition to being a student, Meeker was working as a messenger because that CBS once he died. This is the tv network the airedThe mary Tyler Moore Showfrom 1970 through 1977, and it was likewise home toThe prick Van Dyke Show.

After his death, Meeker’s coworkers at CBS praised him together a good young man, withone of his superiorssaying, when it was still unclear even if it is the fatality was intentional, “Nobody will ever make me believe his death was anything but an accident.” that later ended up being clear the it was undoubtedly accidental.

While in high school, Meeker additionally worked as a part-time assistant come the head still photographer at CBS Television, follow to the bookGrowing increase Again.

5. Moore’s Sister died of a drug Overdose 2 Years Earlier


Mary Tyler Moore accepts her award for finest Supporting Actress in a Miniseries top top September 19th, 1993. (Getty)

The death ofRichard Meeker Jr. Must have actually been especially tough for mary Tyler Moore considering she had actually just recently shed her sister,Elizabeth Ann.

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Moore’s sister passed away of a medicine overdose in 1978 at the age of 21. The coroner ruled her death a suicide,according come The Bulletin, however Mary Tyler Moore stated that that was totally accidental. As soon as Meeker Jr. Died, a title in The Bulletin read, “Second Tragedy because that Actress.”

Eight year after Richard’s death, Moore lost her brother,John Hackett Moore, to cancer.