Martha Stewart is truly an enigma of a woman. From her illustrious career as a businesswoman to she close friendship through Snoop Dogg, and also even come her entirely unexpected arrest and also subsequent time in prison due to insider tradng (via Cheat Sheet) — Stewart knows exactly how to continue to be unpredictable. This days, as well as reorganizing her kitchen (via CBS News) and also baking delicious looking goodies on her YouTube channel, follow to Yahoo!, Stewart is functioning on a documentary about her life that will appear on Netflix.

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But if Stewart is certainly no stranger come gossip, human being can"t aid but wonder just how the way of life guru has actually remained spring so good throughout all these years. Indeed, ~ a photograph that the 78-year-old posted to Instagram, in i beg your pardon she"s looking much more flawless than she usually does, whispers are suggesting that she could have had some plastic surgical procedure done. But if girlfriend ask Stewart, she maintains she"s only had really minimal occupational done, and that her an excellent looks are more attributed to her healthy lifestyle.

According come Dr. Anthony Youn, a self-proclaimed holistic plastic surgeon, Martha Stewart could have had actually a bit more work done than she is letting on. In recommendation to she Instagram short article in question, Youn said, "It shows up Martha has had actually a facelift come tighten she neck, her lips show up to have actually been plumped and her confront is smooth and wrinkle-free — a feasible result that Botox and fillers," that analyzed every the National Enquirer. Youn included that he would predict she has spent at least $50,000 top top plastic surgery.

While Stewart doesn"t level out deny having had any work done, she asserts that it"s been an extremely minimal. She said People magazine in November 2020 the she"s never had actually a face-lift, and also that she youthful light is simply due to "two very excellent dermatologists." She added that possibly two time a year, she will opt because that "a small Juvéderm injections below or there." because that those of friend unfamiliar, Juvéderm injections — likewise known together filler — are supplied to "used to gain back facial contours and also improve indications of aging," using a basic of hyaluronic mountain that focus on the cheeks, lips, and also around the mouth (via Healthline).

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In one interview via the day-to-day Mail in 2013, Martha Stewart speak all about her experience with Botox, regardless of her recent claims that she"s never had actually anything done other than filler. She revealed, ""I tried Botox. It functions for specific things, prefer for skin under the chin, but I don"t want a straff jawline and a quizzical look."

Stewart more asserts that the factor she looks so young is chalked up to basic genetics. She characteristics her great looks to she "gorgeous man" of a dad and also her mom, that looked young "until she to be 93 years old," per people magazine. She continues, saying that another crucial aspect of remaining young is preserving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. "I really care about maintaining an aura of great health," she explained, "which is usually the food i eat."

According come sources, some of the most essential things she consumes for looking good include environment-friendly juice, i beg your pardon she insurance claims to drink every solitary morning, her own garden-grown vegetables, she eats mainly fish for protein, and also finally, she has replaced every one of her flour v nontraditional ones, saying the white flours aren"t healthy and balanced (via an excellent Housekeeping).